Setting up Reminders in Fedena

Setting up Reminders in Fedena

“It’s ironic, how we forget the things worth remembering, but remember the things worth forgetting”
— Unknown
Happy Diwali! It’s 2016 and within a couple of months, we are going into 2017. It’s been a busy and fast year, and as we progress, we also get busier. We must keep up with technology (social media, WhatsApp, etc.), work emails to keep track of, manage our expenses (which is ever increasing), and at the same time remember to buy Diwali gifts for family, neighbors, friends, pay our debts, and the list just goes on. Our life is one torrential pool of busy schedules, meetings, and transits that hardly give us time to follow up or remember the important stuff, daughter’s quiz competition, son’s arts & crafts assignment etc.
The reminder plugin was added in Fedena School ERP keeping in mind just how busy our lives are. The school staff/admins/teachers/parents can be reminded of important occasions and events such as the fee due dates, parents about the exam dates, any custom reminders to any specific users in Fedena etc.
The reminder module in Fedena alerts students, parents, and employees about
upcoming institutional events or any occasions either via an SMS or an email. The admin staff with the privilege of editing the settings can choose the best method to send the reminders.
Setting up reminders in Fedena
Reminders can be created for:
• Events – Diwali celebrations, quiz competitions, PTAs, Sports Day, etc.
• Exams
• Online exams
• Fee collections schedules
Custom reminders can also be created to notify parents and students in your school ERP, about any type of upcoming activities in your school/institution.
For example, Diwali celebrations are due in two days and your admin staff is busy with other tasks, and in the case of not having a reminder module in your school ERP, the staff would generally write it down on a piece of paper or leave a mark on the calendar. This is easily lost in the many papers you have in your admin office, but with a reminder module you can set a reminder well in advance so that all the necessary arrangements are done, parents are reminded on-time because the reminders are sent as messages to mobiles and email accounts.
The most powerful use of the reminder module comes into play while scheduling fee collection in your school. The usual practice followed by class tutors is to write it down in students’ diary or send printed circulars, which can easily be missed by parents due to their busy schedules.
In Fedena, a school ERP that comes with a reminder module. Reminders can be set as many times as needed with multiple options available in the reminder settings.
Fedena School ERP Reminder Module
The reminder module also comes with an option to create custom reminders apart from the default options available.
This brings us to an end of this week’s tutorial and benefits of a school ERP for your institution/school. Fedena is constantly evolving and we are constantly trying to accommodate real time scenarios from schools and institutions alike that can make the life of parents, students and teachers a lot easier. Have a safe and happy Diwali!

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