How Fedena Helps in Information Sharing

Fedena school erp information sharing

Fedena school erp information sharing

An ERP aims to associate the structure across an organization in a way of systemizing the workflow, sharing information among departments and providing an insight into various business operations. The traditional methods of handling data and tracking information seems more comfortable and familiar that we tend to forget there are better alternatives. Every institute and organisation have valuable data that needs to be handled efficiently.  There are better ways to bring in efficacy and it starts with innovation in technology.
School ERP softwares like Fedena provide the end user to retrieve, manage, analyse and share data in a user-friendly way. Any college or school ERP will streamline all the common activities of the organization to increase productivity, but Fedena takes a step ahead to help you share information among various members of the organization with ease. The benefit of getting an erp implemented in your organization is the ability to allow your users to utilize the data they need at the right time. The need to reply to others in the organization causes a great delay, which further causes a dip in productivity.
Multiple users input data and access it via various modules in Fedena, which allows them to share information with ease. The Fedena dashboard is one such valuable asset of Fedena allowing users to perform multiple tasks and at the same time acts as a central point to begin various tasks. It has a collection of dashlets that provides a quick overview of the information that matters most to the user. Fedena also provides the user with a lot more features.


  • Optimize Your Human resource department

Multiple departments can be setup and communications are a breeze. The HR admin generates payslips and every employee has access to it through their profiles. Employees can also apply for leaves using Fedena while the managers approve/deny them at their leisure.


  • Improve Inventory Management  

Fedena allows you to build a greater control and automation in your inventory to save time, money and provide your students and teachers with stationaries, study materials etc on time. Multiple users can use the module to run the inventory efficiently.


  • Maintain Financial transparency

Fedena also enables you to control your accounts, cash management, donations, payroll, assets, liabilities and tax management. Allowing you to maintain transparency and privacy with the admins, teachers, students and parents.


  • Library Management

Most library managers are very concerned with the need for management of information about the books in the library. All students and staff get instant access to check the availability of books and reserve them. The Library manager can get meaningful information about movement of the books and easily manage the library efficiently.


  • Effective User-to-user Communication

You can choose to send internal messages, SMS or Emails to all the users in your organization. You can keep your employees, students and parents updated with the latest events and information. This task of mass communication is easily accomplished with Fedena and allows the school admin to message teachers, students and parents individually or setup automatic messages for various events like holiday reminders, event reminders, fee payment reminders, attendance reminders etc.


Having a high stack of spreadsheets and reports on your desk and trying to make sense of all the data you need to review? It’s time to tidy up and organize all your data using Fedena.
This article is written by : Aarthi Paramasivam
Aarthi Paramasivam Fedena Trainer photo

Somebody who is a naturally articulate speaker and taskmaster, Aarthi is an industry expert in Fedena. Her idea of fun is engaging customers and helping them succeed at understanding Fedena and improving institution processes.

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