Fedena Multi School ERP system – Analytics, Multiple Admins and SMS Settings

Multi School ERP system

The most important part of any School ERP system is the analytics and the ease of access by multiple users of the system. Last week we discussed how you could setup your payment gateways, white-label Fedena to your institution’s name and assign multiple plugins to various institutions in your group. Most institutions function by setting up a communication with their teachers and parents via SMS notifications of various activities, ranging from attendance to event dates, payment reminders to refund of fees paid, to set this up let’s learn how to set up SMS packages in Fedena for your group of Institutions.


Fedena multi school erp system

Create and assign SMS packages to Group of Institution

 Your SMS Package can be configured in ‘SMS Setting’ option under company details of the multischool panel. On clicking ‘Create SMS Package’, the details can be entered into Fedena.  SMS package details and parameter mapping details are required to go to the next step.

Fedena Multi school erp system screenshot


Fedena multi school erp system screenshot 2


The SMS package details include the following :

  1. Package Name – Enter the name of the SMS package.
  2. Service Provider – Enter the name of the SMS service provider.
  3. Message Limit – Enter the total number of messages that can be sent. If a message limit is not provided, it will be considered as ‘Unlimited’ SMS.
  4. Valid Till – Select the package validity date. When the date passes the validity date, messages cannot be sent. If a date is not provided, it will be considered as ‘Lifetime’ validity.
  5. Character Limit – Enter the total number of characters that make up one message. If left blank, the character limit per message is taken as 160. In some cases, service providers may include a few characters of their own as part of the messages being sent, in such cases, specify the character limit accordingly.

Enter the parameter mapping details provided by the service provider. The ‘sender name’ is the name the recipients will see when they receive an SMS. If you enter a sender name and enable Sender name modification, the sender name can be changed when assigning the package to any institution. If you disable Sender name modification, the sender name cannot be changed.

After you have entered all the details, click the Create button. You can assign this package to the institution by clicking on the option ‘Add a school’.


Multi school Fedena erp system screen 4

This count will now be reflected in the institution’s login.

That’s how easy setting up your SMS for your group of institutions is. Now let’s get into the analytics Fedena School ERP system provides.

Analytics and the overall data of your group of institutions, all under one roof, Fedena

The statistics option gives you the reports for the multischool group institutions. The dashboard shown below is an example of how you can see the information.

Fedena multi school erp system screenshot 5

To check the details of each institution, click on ‘More..’ under each module. In our example, for the 4 institutions under the multischool group, data is shown as follows : 

Multi School fedena school erp system screenshot 6

Overall statistics can also be checked and is shown below for each institution.

Fedena multi school erp system screeshot 7


To further check the courses or departments, click on the number. The following details appear : 

Fedena multi school erp system screenshot 8


If these details need to be seen frequently, they can be bookmarked, using the ‘Bookmark this page’ option.

Fedena multi school erp system screenshot 9


When you revisit the ‘Overall Statistics’ page, the bookmarks can be checked and visited.

Fedena multi school erp system screenshot 10


To get an in-depth understanding of the Analytics page you can always get in touch with us. Now let’s see how you can assign multiple admins for your multiple institutions.  

Easy management through multiple admin users

Multiple admins can be created in your Fedena Multischool Panel. For this, use the option ‘Admin Users’ and click on ‘New Admin’. Enter the new admin details and Save.

Fedena Multi school erp system screenshot 11


fedena multi school erp system screenshot 12


These credentials can be used to login to the panel along with the already created credentials, you can repeat this process for any number of admins you require and you are done.

This brings us to an end of the Multischool Panel blog series. We hope this information will help you understand how Fedena School ERP system helps automates all of your institutions’ processes and gives you actionable insights into growing your institutions, teachers, and students.

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