Payment Gateways, White-labeling & Plugins in Multi-School ERP system

Payment Gateways, White-labeling & Plugins in Multi-School ERP system

In our previous blog, we discussed how you can setup your group of institutions and institutions in Fedena. Today we will learn how to assign the various plugins you have purchased to each group, assign payment gateways to them and how to white-label Fedena to the name of your organization or group of institutions.

Assign multiple plugins to your multischool group

Plugins are basically the different modules of Fedena which handle various processes of your institutions, for example, the Library plugin will handle your library operations and processes, the Hostel plugin manages your hostel fees, room allocations etc. The institutions under the multischool group can have access to the plugins of your choosing or the admin you have assigned. These plugins can be assigned/removed under the option ‘Plugins’.

Fedena Multischool screenshot

Create and assign multiple payment gateways for smooth online transactions

Using the payment gateway, Fedena users, like parents, teachers and admins can perform secure online fee payments by methods such as credit cards, debit cards, net banking, and so on. These online transactions with Fedena are handled securely through encrypted channels. The payment gateways can be configured under the option ‘Payment Gateways’.
Fedena multischool screenshot 2
While creating a new gateway, you will need the configuration parameters from the payment gateway provider you have hired. These parameters must be entered in Fedena and will be used to map to your payment gateway provider. Multiple payment gateways can be configured and assigned to the multischool group.

Fedena multi school screenshot 3

To assign, see the ‘Multischool Groups’ option and click on the group title to check its details. Select the option ‘Gateways’ and select option ‘Assign Gateways’.

Fedena multi school part 4
This will allow you to assign the gateways for multiple institutions for this group.

Fedena multi school 5
Later, when you create institutions in this group, each institution will have the gateways which  have been assigned.

Whitelabel your group of institutions

This option allows you to do the following for the institutions under the group :

  1. Customize the “Powered by Fedena” statement at the bottom of the page
  2. Customize the word Fedena

Fedena multi school screenshot 6

This can be done when you login into the multi-school panel and check the company details. After saving the changes, the same will reflect in the organizations under this group.

Fedena multi school screenshot 7

This covers assigning plugins to your institutions and groups in Fedena school ERP system along with assigning multiple payment gateways and white-labeling Fedena with your custom institution names. Next week we will learn how to setup your SMS provider settings, assign multiple admins to your institutions and groups and understand all the analytics Fedena provides you at the Multi-school level.

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