Fedena Chat Support is here!

Fedena Chat Support is here!

August 15, The Indian Independence day, what better occasion to unveil a new feature for our very successful Fedena School ERP partners and clients. We have always striven to give you the best possible support, our support team is constantly engaging with your institution’s admins and Fedena users via multiple support channels like our dedicated support portal, Email support, phone support, video conferences etc. To add to this list, today, we are proud to be introducing a chat support. Our aim with developing the Fedena support experience is to provide a completely seamless and efficient support to everybody.


As a pilot run, Fedena chat support will be available throughout the week (Monday – Friday) from 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM IST (3:30 AM – 12:30 PM GMT). You can access it by visiting our support portal. If you are worried about ticket raises and other processes, the live chat is integrated with our support portal and these chats can easily be converted to tickets, helping us as well as you to resolve any issue at lightening fast speeds. We have also made sure that the chat is routed to the same support agent you were already in contact with, helping us make the partner – agent communication seamless.


Here’s a peek at the new Chat on our support portal :

Fedena School ERP screenshot support


Fedena chat support screenshot


Fedena school ERP support chat screenshot


If nobody is online, we’ll get back to you as soon as possible :


Fedena School ERP Support Chat




We feel that this will greatly benefit our partners & clients who need immediate support. Partners who need quick clarification or encounter a showstopper bug can use this feature to resolve the issue at the earliest rather than writing an E-Mail and waiting for a response. The introduction of chat to our support arsenal will greatly enhance customer experience and make it an independent, seamless and easy process.


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