Biometric Integration with School ERP Software – To keep track with minimum effort.

Biometric Integration with School ERP Software – To keep track with minimum effort.

Students and teachers are the core of your institution, so all data relative to them should be paramount. But documenting such data is a time-consuming task. After all, you don’t want to be misinformed about the students and teachers in your institution or have no idea if a teacher is absent or not for the day.

Fedena Biometric integration

Biometric devices take the complexity and time consumption out of collecting the attendance data of teachers and students in your institution. It’s a technology that lets your institution create data ids connected to the biometric print of every teacher and student. There are a world of possibilities with biometric devices, you can also start using these devices to allow students to automatically pay fees or generate their receipts, you can generate teacher leave applications and reports, allow access to institution infrastructure by just taking a scan of their fingerprints – all with just one device!

 The biometric device becomes a lot more powerful when integrated with the local database you use for your institution. By integrating your biometric devices with a school ERP system, it instantly connects all the data of the teachers and students in your institution.

Build a seamless attendance tracking feature for your institution, generate fees, leave applications and even attendance reports, without hours of additional work on a daily basis by adopting the biometric technology.

How to set up a biometric integration with School ERP software

 Your biometric device helps you gather and attribute specific data to specific biometric ids of teachers and students while Fedena allows you to populate, maintain and edit the data attributed to every teacher and student, here is a basic setup of your biometric device with Fedena.

  1. Each user(students/teachers) in your institution will get a unique hardware ID from the biometric device.
  2. You can enter this unique ID in the hardware ID field of the student/teacher profile in Fedena.
  3. Install a simple software provided by Fedena school ERP software in the local PC where the biometric device is connected.
  4. Once this is done. This software will communicate with Fedena through the internet using Fedena’s attendance API.

Step by step instructions

Step 1
Get the Fedena installation ready. Undergo Fedena training. Enter student and teacher data in Fedena.
Step 2
Get the biometric device installed and connected to your local PC. Make sure the software that came along with the hardware is installed on the local PC.
Step 3
Install the hardware integration app provided by Fedena in the same local PC where the biometric device is connected and the software is running.
Step 4
Enroll the students and teachers in the biometric device as per the instructions received from hardware provider. The biometric device will assign a unique ID to every user.
Step 5
Store the unique ID of students and teachers in Fedena in the hardware ID field.

You are done! You can now track your teachers and students data by just taking their biometric prints. Get started with biometric integration with Fedena for your institution today, just hit the contact button on the top and leave a message and we’ll take it from there.

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