Namaka : Fedena 3.5.1

Namaka : Fedena 3.5.1


Fedena 3.5.1 is all geared to be the number one school management software. Namaka, our latest update on Fedena is finally out today! Though it’s a small release it’s loaded with a tonne of powerful updates and fixes. These updates and fixes come from your generous feedback. Let’s dive into the updates that are rolling out today and also see what’s brewing in our labs for release up ahead.
In this age, we might find it hard to imagine a time where girls were forced to stay at home and married off at a young age, but it is due to a few forgotten heroes who brought about change in the society by small yet powerful steps against many odds. We remember the trailblazer who made this happen and dedicate this release – Fedena 3.5.1 to her,  Savitribai Phule . She was born in 1831 in Maharashtra and was an early social reformer and poet. A lifetime educationist, she championed the cause of education for young girls and widows by opening India’s first women’s school at Bhide Wada near Pune, India around 1848. She used poems to get her message of education and equal rights across the country and the world.
What’s New in Namaka

  1. Examination Report Settings
  2. Auto Logout Feature
  3. Inventory Tax Settings

What’s Updated in Namaka

  1. Menu text link beside the Menu icon
  2. Finance module
  3. ICSE Report Card Design

Examination Report Settings

After integrating all the feedback we have received, we decided to bring in customizability to the reports.  You can now assign the settings for the exam reports using the Report Settings in Fedena. This option allows an admin or a privileged employee to manage & customize fields, header sections, grading levels and the signature section in a report. The report settings can be assigned to courses following Normal, GPA, CWA, CCE and ICSE type of grading system, basically all the grading systems Fedena supports.  


Auto Logout Feature

A feature which is the most important for the security of your institution’s data is finally up for release with Namaka. The Auto logout feature in Fedena, automatically logs the user out depending on the time of inactivity within Fedena. This feature can be enabled from the General settings tab of the admin with the admin having the privileges of determining the amount of time of inactivity after which Fedena will automatically logout the user.
Inventory Tax Settings

You can now apply discounts to your school/institution inventory purchases making it easier to calculate the taxes and discounts. The update comes as two modes :

  1. Before Discount mode
  2. After Discount mode


These modes help in calculating discounts on Invoices, GRNs and Purchase Orders either before calculating tax on them or after calculating tax on them, allowing you to apply and manage the tax calculations easily.
Menu Text Link in Fedena  

The menu icon in Fedena has always been on the top left hand corner and more often than not from your feedback about there being no markers as to it being a button or not, it has often gone unnoticed at the first glance for many users including admins. To erase this confusion and enhance your experience with Fedena we decided to that a text “Menu” should be accompanying the menu icon. Here is a look at before and after :



Finance Module Update – Fee Revert Reason

The update in the finance module is a much awaited one as it was high on the feature requests in the feedback. With this new update we have included a text box to record the reason for the revert of the fees. You can also track the reasons for reverts in the reports section.


ICSE Report Card Redesign

The old ICSE report card in Fedena wasn’t really the optimal use of space and couldn’t include all the subjects in one sheet and looked a little too cluttered. The new update brings a change in layout accommodating all the various subjects, overall scores and reducing the space used to print these, this gives you a better viewing as well as saving paper on printing the reports.

ICSE Fedena school management system report card
Sneak Peak into what’s up ahead!

Our team is already working on a host of new features that will enhance your experience with Fedena. A customizable Transfer Certificate Generator, Automatic Timetable Generator and a powerful HR Reports module are some of features that are getting primed in our labs. The features you have requested will soon be live in Fedena, the number one school management system.

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