Fedena 3.5.1: Namaka – Release Notes

Fedena 3.5.1 Release note

What’s new in Fedena

Here is the list of new features included with this release of Fedena 3.5.1

Feature Description User Role Module
Examination Report Settings Examination Reports can now have custom fields in the report card like Roll Number, Father’s or Mother’s name, Date of Birth etc. Institutions can now choose between the default Fedena header and a pre-printed letterhead. The signature labels can also be customized and institutions can choose upto 3 labels. This is applicable to student wise reports in Normal, GPA, CWA, CCE and ICSE reports. Administrator, Privileged Employee Examination
Auto Logout You can enable auto logout on inactivity from the general settings page. When selected, you can specify the time after which inactive users should be logged out and the user roles for which it should be enabled. Administrator, Privileged Employee All modules
Inventory Tax Settings Now you can select if discount is to be applied before or after the tax is calculated using the modes -Discount before tax or Discount after Tax. Administrator, Privileged Employee Inventory

What’s enhanced in Fedena

Here is the list of enhanced features included with this release of Fedena 3.5.1

Feature Description User Role Module
Revert Reason in Finance In order to track the reason for reverting all finance transactions – Income, Expense, Donation, Academic Fees, Transport, Hostel, Instant Fees and Library, a text field has been added. This reason is shown in the reverted transactions report page with option to take export as PDF and CSV reports. Administrator, Privileged Employee Fees, Finance, Transport, Hostel, Instant Fees, Library
Menu Link Text The text ‘Menu’ has been added near the menu button to provide more clarity to users. Administrator, Privileged Employee, Student, Parent All modules
ICSE Report Card Redesign The ICSE student report is redesigned to hold many subjects in one sheet of paper. Administrator, Privileged Employee, Student, Parent Examination

Issues Fixed

Here is the list of issues fixed in this release of Fedena 3.5.1



  • No validation for maximum and minimum marks in examination
  • Assign IA group and assign IA weightages shows subjects from inactive batches
  • ‘Select All’ option not available in ICSE generate report



  • Manage subjects: Show timetable class slots instead of subject weekly class
  • Work allotment shows subject hours instead of total employee working hours



  • Finance income report does not show the category name
  • Finance expense report does not show the category name
  • Wrong date in inventory transactions finance report
  • Incorrect fee shown in the profile.



  • No validation in library manage tags page.



  • Pagination not working in blog comments


Instant Fees

  • Error while reverting instant fee transactions



  • News comments show blank pages with pagination links for students



  • No data shown in course/batch report on sorting by student wise.
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