Managing Leaves and Payslips in the new Fedena 3.5

Managing Leaves and Payslips in the new Fedena 3.5

Human Resources module has undergone a major revamp in 3.5 version of Fedena to enhance usability and user experience to continue being the number one school management system. The main changes are in the leave management and payslip processing modules.

Leave Management Update

Earlier version of Fedena did not support applying extra leaves apart from the leaves applicable for a particular employee. Suppose if the employee has taken 10 out of the 10 sick leaves available and no more leaves are available, earlier it had to be marked manually by the HR manager. Now the employee can apply for additional leaves which can be accounted as either paid leave or Loss of Pay. The additional leaves applied by the employee will be notified as additional leaves to the manager.
The new version of Fedena gives the flexibility of defining the number of working days in a month or in a week or bi-weekly. This helps in generating payslip for a particular period. In the previous versions, payslips could only be generated monthly. With the enhancements, an institute can calculate and generate weekly, bi-weekly or monthly payslips. The days can be defined by the institute as per their policies.
School management system leave dash - Fedena
Different types of leave can be defined in Fedena and for each of them different attributes can be given. When a leave type is added, the admin/HR Manager can define if the employee exceeds that particular leave type, and is counted as loss of pay or not. Admin can define the total number of leaves in that particular leave type. Whether this leave can be carried forward or not can also be defined in the leave settings.
School management system leave dash

Payslips Management Update

One of the other major changes that was implemented in 3.5 version of Fedena was the multiple type of payslips. In an institute, different categories of employees can be working on an hourly basis, on a weekly or monthly basis. The payroll for them will differ based on the type and category in which they fall into. All these factors were taken into account and multiple categories of payroll/payslips was implemented in the newest version of Fedena.
When defining a payroll group, these different complicated aspects are taken into account. The administrator of the institute can define the Payroll group name. For an example, The administrator wants to put all the Bi-Weekly salaried employees into one payroll group. Admin can create a payroll group ‘Bi-Weekly Employees’ and define the values applicable to those employees. Admin can select the frequency of payslips (in this case Bi-Weekly), The payslip generation date (Any day on the week can be selected). If Loss of Pay is applicable for this payroll group; it can be defined. The admin has different options to define the LoP. This can be defined as a particular numeric value or a part of different component of salary etc.
School Management system payslip dash
The fields to be shown in the payslip can be defined by the Admin or privileged employee (those who have access to HR module payslip settings). The details to be printed can be selected as per the need of the institution. Whichever field is not needed to be printed can be deselected.
School management system payslip dash
With the new enhancements users will find it easy to administer most of the HR processes in an institute. Working days, Payslips, Extra leaves etc can be easily defined and processed with the new 3.5 version of Fedena.

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