10 Things you can do with your kids during the summer break

10 Things you can do with your kids during the summer break

“In the summer, the days were long, stretching into each other. Out of school, everything was on pause and yet happening at the same time, this collection of weeks when anything was possible.”

 – Sarah Dessen

This quote is apt because it is that time of the year when you just want to relax, but your kids are bouncing off the walls or shrieking at the top of their voice about how bored they are. These are moments when they look up to you and hope you could help them overcome their boredom. Parenting can be difficult, we understand!

Hence, before the kids come running to you shrieking about how bored they are, here are a few activities we have lined up that you can engage your kids with during the summer break:

1. Help your little ones make new friends

We know that you have a lot of work to attend to and you may not be able to pay complete attention to what your kid wants to do. So, the best thing would be to let your kids go make new friends at the playground or your neighborhood. New friends will help keep them engaged. You could also have the kids over to your place, like a playdate.

2. Educate yourself with their video games

Now we know that some of you may be handicapped when it comes to video games. On the other hand, your kids love them. We urge you to think of it as a little bonding time with the kids.  We all want to give the kids what they want and hence make the appropriate choices. Consult your kids on what are the best video games. This may seem ridiculous, but they are the best decision makers when it comes to video games!

3. Sign up your toddlers for music lessons

Between soccer and scouts, your kids’ schedule is loaded with many fun activities. But learning to play an instrument can help your kid fine-tune their ears and enhance skills needed for social interaction. Learning an instrument can also help them understand what delayed gratification is. It would also introduce your kid to new cultures. It is important to familiarize kids with other cultures at a young age because it fosters open-mindedness about all the different traditions around the world.

4. Let the kids learn to swim

The temperature is rising, school is out of session and all your kid wants to do is sit inside and play. This would be the ideal time to teach your kids to swim. Lots of children love water and this would be a fun way to bond and help your kids become comfortable with water as they grow up. You could laze in the pool with them to beat the summer heat as well.

5. Camp At Home

This should be really fun. It is not only indulging for your children, it can also act as a stress buster for you. Here’s what you need; a tent, sleeping bags, blankets, pillows, and flashlights. Pitch a tent in your living room or yard and the kids get to enjoy the fun of camping without the hassle of a vacation.

6. Movies and popcorn on a rainy day

One morning, you wake up and look out. You realize there is no chance of taking your kids to the pool or park because it’s the summer rains. Your kids are going to get cranky and restless. In this situation, gather everyone up on the couch, open the windows for some breeze and get the television ready for some movies.

7. Bring your kids’ books alive

Sitting and reading books may seem like the best idea for you. But the kids do not really like to sit in one place. We suggest making summer reading fun! You could add audience or start a book club where you invite your kids’ friends to indulge in reading. You could also tempt them to create a scrapbook where your kid could keep tabs on what he/she is reading etc. Or the best yet, enact a few scenes from their favorite books!

8. Indulge your kids in the world of colors

There’s a saying; life is about using the whole box of colors. Whether you already have coloring books or you print out new coloring sheets, coloring is fun for kids. You could also help them in color. Coloring books are after all a stress buster. Just make sure it’s not as bad as this.

Fedena School ERP - Coloring book

9. Let there be a dance party!

Let your kids find their own rhythm or give them some fun dance moves to try out. Invite other kids to be a part of this party. This would let your kids break the monotony of the summer and have some fun.

10. Let the construction with Legos begin!

Legos are great for building anything your child can imagine. If they are feeling ready for a challenge try drawing a simple house and having them try to recreate it with their blocks. You could also help them build and this would be a bonding time for both of you.

We are sure that there are a lot more things that you could do that would keep your kids busy this summer. It would be important to keep their interests and needs in mind. Summer, after all, is a time when wonderful things can happen to quiet people.

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