Print Less with More only on Fedena 3.5

Print Less with More only on Fedena 3.5

Fedena 3.5 is now optimized for Dot Matrix printers and Thermal printers to save cost and prevent wastage.


For any institution or organization, one of the many challenges is the management of fee receipts generation and printing. From the cost of the ink to the number of receipts being printed, the institution also has to make the choice of the printer they would like to use for this process. The number of printers available in the market with different technologies and under various brands is another concern while making a decision. It becomes equally difficult for Institutions to find the correct fee generating software which comes with an option to facilitate all of these various printers. With this in mind, we got started on an update in Fedena for the Fee receipt generation module which would facilitate all these various printers for your Institution.


Printing Problem at hand


Fee receipts, which is one of the most widely used features in Fedena had only A4 sheet laser printing option prior to our 3.5 update. As the amount of fee receipts being printed was huge in every institution, there was a concern of consumption of papers for each receipt. Another concern that institutes shared was usability across multiple printers based on their technology. Before the Fedena 3.5 release, Fedena only supported laser printers. But after understanding that many institutes still used the dot matrix printer, we had to facilitate a solution for all our users.


Here’s what we did in the 3.5 version.


You can set your printing preference under the Fees section in Finance module. Admin or privileged employee can perform this task. Under the Fee section, there is a Fee receipt settings where the printer settings can be configured.


Fedena Fee Printing Module



The user can select the printer type and the print sheet size. In Fedena 3.5, Fedena now supports multiple printer types. The first option ‘Normal’ covers Laserjet, Inkjet, Deskjet etc. These are the most common type of printers used in institutes now a days.





Many institutes still use dot matrix printer and from the constant feedback from these institutes we have included the dot matrix printer support. The dot matrix printers are slowly getting replaced by thermal and laser jet printers across the globe but until they do get replaced, support for such technology is still paramount.


Once the printer type is selected, the page size can be chosen. Fedena 3.5 supports A4 and A5 page size. A4 is available in portrait mode only.  A5 can be printed in portrait and landscape mode. Once you select the printer type and page size, Fedena will give you a preview of the print page. This we think is one of the features that will help our users  decide on which printing pattern to select.





Another additional option the user can select is whether to include the default header or to go with a customized header format. Default header is usually selected when the receipt is printed on plain paper. Fedena will generate the header with the given school name and other details. If the header is printed on the letterhead of the institute, then the customized header option can be selected. The option to preview the print page once the header options are selected are available to finally allow the user to print the receipt.



Including receipt printing using Thermal printers is one of the main highlights of the 3.5 release. Thermal printers are replacing the dot matrix and laserjets in institutes. Not only in institutes, most point of sales (pos) use thermal printers. Main advantage of Thermal printers is the reduction in paper consumption. The amount of paper required is very less compared to dot matrix or laserjet/inkjet printers.





We @Fedena are hopeful that users will like this new feature of selecting multiple printer types and printing options and would squeeze the maximum benefit out of it.


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