Fee payment in Fedena 3.5 through mobile

Fee payment in Fedena 3.5 through mobile

Fedena 3.5 Fee Payment Mobile


There were 1.5 Billion smartphone users in 2014 and that’s expected to grow to 2.5 billion by 2019. While computers/desktops are 1.6 billion in 2015 and expected to reach 2 billion by 2019. Smartphones are replacing traditional desktop and laptops at a rapid pace. Users are getting aligned to using smartphones day by day. The growth in smartphones has made service providers develop mobile-centric user experience for users. Fee collection and payment is one of the most used features in Fedena and we couldn’t ignore the feedbacks from our customers to make Fedena more mobile friendly.


In Fedena 3.5 we have incorporated fee payment through mobiles. Students and parents can check their fee details, pay fees online, and print the fee receipts–all from their mobile phones. Through the mobile, fees can be paid on the go and unlike the desktop or laptop which demands a working space. This makes fee payment easier for parents / guardians. In case a parent is abroad and travelling and it’s the last date of fee payment, in such a scenario that parent can pay the fee with the help of this module. The user interface of fee payment in Fedena is completely mobile friendly so that users have a hassle free experience.


How does one make an online fee payment?


There are four login options in Fedena. Administrator, Employee, Student, Parent. Fees can be paid by either logging in as a student or as a parent. Once you login to Fedena with your login credentials, you can see the following screen


Fedena 3.5 Mobile payment page


The Fees section in the home page will show the total number of unpaid fees. Click on Fees section, you will be able to see the fees you have paid and which you haven’t.


Fedena 3.5 Fees page


Fedena 3.5 Unpaid fees page


Now once you know the fees to be paid, you can check the due date of each unpaid fee. Now fee can be paid for each fee separately. It is to be noted that all the multiple unpaid fees cannot be paid at one go. You have to pay each fee separately. Click on any unpaid fee and you can see a screen as shown below


Fedena 3.5 Payment portal page



Click on ‘Pay Fee’ button which will direct you to the payment page. Here there are multiple options for payment. You can pay via net banking, using your credit or debit card or an online wallet, currently Fedena 3.5 supports PayPal, Interswitch, Authorize.net, Stripe, Braintree, PayU, and CCavenue. Once the payment details are given, payment will be credited to the institute and the fee will be shown under ‘Paid’ category.


Online payment is very helpful for parents and students so that they can avoid long queues in school, save on travel time to the institute, hassles of cash transaction etc. Moreover, as smartphone usage goes up, we are sure that this feature will soon become the most used by our users.

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