8 reasons to be excited about Fedena ERP in 2016 – Rails 5.0, Analytics and more

It is the start of a new academic year and our engineering team is working on some highly useful features for Fedena that will enhance your productivity and save a lot of time for teachers. Some of these are in the design stage and some have already started development. Have a quick preview of what you can expect in the coming days from Fedena engineering team.
1. Analytics
Fedena Analytics
Are you finding it hard to take decisions at your institution due to lack of data? The analytics module is aimed at giving you graphical and analytical reports from the information in Fedena. Be it the administrator of the institution or the teacher of a course, every high-level report from the dashboard can be drilled down to give a granular look into your data.
2. Rails 5.0
Rails 5.0
We plan to move to the newer Ruby on Rails, version 5, to enhance functionality and performance of your favourite School Management System. Rails 5 will improve performance and enable the use of latest technologies, thus enhancing yourFedena experience. This also allows us to ship new features and updates faster to you. This will be a blessing to our technology partners who can develop new features quicker than ever before.
3. Enhanced Accounting Module
Fedena Accounting
An accounting module in Fedena that you can use to keep track of your income and expenses in your institution. All transactions in Fedena like fees and payslips will automatically get recorded in the respective accounts. Create and manage your cash, bank accounts and etc in Fedena and easily create your balance sheet or income statement with the click of a button.
4. Automatic Timetable Generation
Fedena Automatic Timetable Generator
Speed up your timetable generation process with the Automatic Timetable Generator in Fedena. Whether you want to generate it for a batch or for your whole institution, enter subject or batch constraints, assign teachers, click on allocate and sit back while Fedena generates the best timetable for you. Don’t want ‘Mathematics’ on Mondays? Take control of your timetable manually at any time, without recreating it again.
5. Enhanced Applicant Registration(Admission) Module
Fedena Applicant Registration
The Applicant Registration module you need in your institution to manage new admission requests. Now comes with features like customizable fields, status messages to record each stage of the admission process and the option to archive your applicants after the close of the admission process. We have super-charged the applicant registration module to super-charge your admissions process.
6. Advanced HR Reports
Fedena HR Reports
This feature brings advanced reporting abilities to the HR module like Payslip Reports, Employee Payroll category wise reports and payslip comparison reports. With predefined reports, you can start using them right away. These report formats can be customized to add or remove fields as per your needs and what’s more? Save them as templates and forget about making reports again.
7. Enhanced Tally Integration
Fedena Tally Integration
This enhancement brings a host of features to the Tally module. Now you can get fee collection wise amounts as well as particular wise amounts in Tally since all collections and particulars will have a ledger entry. Gross salary paid and payslip deductions made in Fedena will all get reflected in Tally. All Fedena related accounts and ledgers are created by default and all entries will be created only if they previously do not exist in Tally thus ensuring no duplicity.
8. Transfer Certificate Generator
Fedena TC Generator


You asked for more options in generating the Transfer Certificate and we have heard you. With the all new TC generator, each of the three sections – header, student details, and footer have customizable fields, that you can choose to show or hide from the TC. Customize the header template or use your own preprinted header. Map to existing student details in Fedena or use custom fields to enter data. Define clauses and add up to 4 signature fields in the footer area. Create your own customized template for the Transfer Certificate of your institution.


What’s next?

Powering your institution with the all new Fedena is but one step towards providing the highest quality of education, let Fedena take care of your institution while you concentrate on what you do best and we understand that providing high quality education is a journey of a thousand miles which begins with one step, take that one step today.
Fedena Customer Success


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