10 Life Lessons You Can Learn From Teachers

10 Life Lessons You Can Learn From Teachers

There’s no overstating how important a role a teacher can play in one’s life. With the amount of time they spend with us, watching us grow into responsible human beings, it’s fair to say that teachers do indeed come across as second parents. They are influential by nature and often take advantage of opportunities to teach life lessons when they present themselves.

Life lessons taught by teachers can have a lasting impact on students. In many cases, sharing these life lessons can have a far greater impact than teaching standard based content. These ‘Teachable moments’ expand on various topics and discuss the various aspects of life.

Here are 10 life lessons you can learn from teachers:

1. Hard Work Pays Off

It’s no secret that hard work pays off in one’s life. Teachers today understand that some students can be exceptionally gifted but in the end, they too will fail for being too lazy as there is no real substitution for hard work. The saying obviously goes that if you want something, you must be willing to work equally hard for it and this surely goes without saying.

2. Give Respect, Get Respect

A great teacher will always lead by example. This is because most of them are aware that if they give their students respect, most of them will return the same. This is a valuable lesson to learn from teachers as it enables one to be more humble and simple in nature.

3. Teamwork Brings Great Reward

Teamwork is a major and valuable skill taught in almost every school. Teachers today believe that it’s imperative that a child understands the meaning of teamwork and the benefits involved. Schools provide this opportunity for children to work together and achieve something.

4. Always Make Smart Decisions

Smart decisions are integral to one’s individual development. A good teacher will always teach students to weigh out the possibilities since an array of poor decisions can lead to extensive failure. Students are often thought to think each decision through since every step has a consequence. With time, we learn to make smarter choices.

5. We Can’t Control Everything

In time, we learn that there are so many things in this world that are never truly within our control. For instance, going to school and studying in a classroom from books because it is a law to do so are just a few things that are out of our control and we need to do. A good teacher will teach us that these aspects will always be out of our control and that we must adapt.

6. Change is Inevitable

Life is dynamic and is constantly changing with changes in situations. If there’s one thing we can never be prepared for, it’s changed. It can never be predicted or pre-determined. A good teacher would teach one to be mindful of the changes that may occur. Not everything stays constant, as things will always change.

7. You Can Become Anything You Want

Any teacher would tell their students that they will always have the potential to become anything they desire. There is no greater support system here that the case of a teacher who acts as the best morale booster. It may be cliché, but it’s also a valuable lesson that teachers never stop teaching. They provide hope and belief that one can achieve and become anything.

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8. Always Stay True to Yourself

Just because things become difficult, doesn’t mean you have to change the kind of person you are to suit other’s needs. There may come a time when you may find yourself being the odd one out or that you may care about what others think. Making a decision based on what someone else wants or thinks almost always turns out to be a wrong one. Teachers convey the message of self-belief, trusting in your instincts, setting goals, and reaching those goals without personal compromise.

9. Never be Afraid to Make Mistakes

A good teacher will teach you that it is common to keep making mistakes as they are the best ways to learn. It’s only human to make mistakes and they contribute considerably towards one’s overall personal development. Making mistakes will teach you to be humble, help you discover who you are and live a life without regrets. Mistakes, in the end, will provide excellent learning opportunities.

10. In the End, You Control Your Own Life

This may be irrelevant during your very young years, but once you truly come of age, you realize that what your teacher told you about choice and having control of your own destiny is true. A good teacher will tell us that it is up to us to make a difference and that by our own choice and free will, can we truly choose the path or destiny we wish to pursue. It’s up to us to shape our future.

Whether we choose to embrace their presence or completely disregard it, teachers will always be around to provide us with the much needed personal touch to learning in life. This is something no amount of textbooks will ever teach us.


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