Fedena 3.5 Release Notes

Fedena 3.5 Release Notes


What’s new in Fedena

Here is the list of new features included with this release of Fedena 3.5

Feature Description User Role Module
Fees receipt printer settings Based on the type of printer your institution uses to print fee receipts, you can configure the printer settings in Fedena. Fedena now supports the use of the following printers:

  • Laser printers
  • Inkjet printers
  • Dot matrix printers
  • Thermal printers

You also have the options to set the page size to A4, A5 Portrait, or A5 Landscape.

Administrator, Privileged Employee Finance
Fedena Mobile In addition to the enhanced design of some of the screens, the following features are now available:

  • Fee payment – Students and parents can check their fee details, pay fees online, and print the fee receipts–all from their mobile phones.

Note: To be able to pay fees online, the “Online Payment” plugin must be available and fee payment must be enabled in the Online Payment plugin.

  • Inclusion of links in email notifications – When a fee collection is created, the email notification that students and parents receive will include a link that will take them directly to the fee payment page where they can pay the fees online. Similarly, the email notification they receive after a payment is made will include a link where they can print the fees receipt.
  • Forgot password – If users can’t remember their password, they can use the ‘Forgot password’ feature to send themselves a password reset email and change their password.
Student, Parent Fedena Mobile
Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) As part of making Fedena completely CBSE compliant, the following features are now available:

  • Fedena supports both 6th subject and Assessment of Speaking and Listening (ASL) subject.
  • Simplified formulas and formative assessment (FA) calculation modes to suit your requirement. Detailed examples have been added to help you understand how different formulas can be applied.
  • Ability to upscale student grades in scholastic areas. Upscaled grades are indicated by a double asterix (**) in the report card.
  • By integrating the Examination module with the new Student Records module, you can now set up and generate the CCE detailed report (student’s ‘Performance Profile’). The report is designed according to the CBSE norms and includes the following information about the student:
    • Student profile
    • Attendance details
    • Health records
    • Scholastic and Co-scholastic Areas scores
    • Co-scholastic Activity scores
    • Final result
    • Self Awareness remarks
  • Other new reports that can be generated:
    • CBSE Scholastic report
    • CBSE Co-Scholastic report
    • ASL report
    • Upscale report
    • Previous Batch Exam Report
  • Consolidated report – New assessment group filter option added – ASL (SA1, SA2, SA1+SA2).
  • Batch-wise Student Report – New report type added – Detailed Report. Now the ‘Detailed’ (student’s Performance Profile) student-wise report can also be generated in PDF format for all students of a batch at the same time.
  • You can now edit student marks of a previous batch even after transferring the students to a new batch.
  • Option to enter formative assessments scores throughout the academic year even before scheduling an exam.
  • When setting up formative assessment criteria, you can define the maximum marks for the FA group.
  • When setting up co-scholastic assessment criteria, you can specify the number of descriptive indicators to be shown in the exam reports.
  • Grading system updated: For batches with an ASL subject, if a student gets less than 25% in SA, then the overall grade will be either ‘E1@’ or ‘E2@’, irrespective of what the overall grade is after combining the FA score.
    • E1@ if the SA score is between 21% and 25%.
    • E2@ if the SA score is between 20% and less.
  • When importing previous batch CCE subjects that have been assigned to an FA group, subjects are imported along with the FA group criteria.
Administrator, Privileged Employee, Tutor Examination
Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (ICSE)
  • Simplified formulas and internal assessment (IA) calculation modes to suit your requirement. Detailed examples have been added to help you understand how different formulas can be applied.
  • You can now edit student marks in a previous batch even after transferring the students to a new batch.
  • New report added – Previous Batch Exam Report
Administrator, Privileged Employee, Tutor Examination
New module – Student Records The Student Records module is used to enter and maintain any type of details about students that are specific to a batch. It can be personal data about students, health records, extracurricular activities, or any other information you want to keep a record of. These records are attached to a student’s profile so the information is easily accessible when required. Administrator, Privileged Employee Student Records
Human Resources module revamp The Human Recourses module has undergone a complete revamp both in design and functionality for institutions to be able to efficiently manage their employees’ leave and payroll. Here’s what the HR module now supports:Employee Leave Management

  • Additional Leave – Employees can apply for additional leave even after exhausting their leave credits.
  • Leave Types – For each Leave type, define the leave carry forward settings and LOP calculation formula for additional leaves.
  • Loss of Pay – Managers can mark additional leaves as ‘loss of pay’ and the necessary deduction can be made when generating payroll.
  • Leave Approval – Managers are notified of additional leaves, along with recent leave and leave balance details of the employee.
  • Attendance Report – Detailed report for easy tracking of employee attendance.

Payroll and Payslip Management

  • Payroll Categories – Use Numeric Values, Formulas, or Conditional Formulas to define calculation rules to calculate payroll category amounts.
  • Payroll Groups – Organize employees of your institution based on their payroll. Group employees with similar payroll structure, pay frequency (Daily, Weekly, Bi-weekly, Semi-Monthly), and loss of pay criteria.
  • Payslip Generation – Payroll is now processed by payroll groups. Generate and manage payslips of all employees from a single view. LOP leaves of employees can be accounted for (added to a payslip) when processing payroll.
  • Payslip Print – Customize your institution’s payslip by choosing the details to be displayed.
Administrator, Privileged Employee Human Resources
Fedena assets from CDN Fedena asset files can now be served from a Content Delivery Network (CDN) for higher performance and faster data access. NA NA


What’s enhanced in Fedena

Here is the list of enhanced features included with this release of Fedena 3.5

Feature Description User Role Module
  • Timetable Management – The way timetables are created and managed has been updated to ease timetable management. All timetables are now assigned an ‘Allocation status’ to help determine if a timetable is complete or not.
  • Work Allotment – The Employee Work Allotment feature has been redesigned to help you easily manage employee-subject associations.
  • Timetable Summary – The timetable summary provides information on the subject allocation status of each batch assigned to the timetable as well as the work hour utilization of employees assigned to the timetable.
  • Label changes – We’ve changed the names of a few labels and action types in our user interface so that you’ll see terminology that accurately describes them.
    • The Edit Timetable link has been changed to Manage Timetables.
    • The Create Timetable link has been removed. Instead, a ‘Create timetable’ button has been added on the Manage Timetable page.
    • Manage Timetable page:
      • Edit range has been changed to Edit
      • Edit timetable entries has been changed to Timetable allocations
    • The ‘Delete’ timetable option has been moved to the Edit Timetable page (On the Manage Timetables page, click Edit beside a timetable).
Administrator, Privileged Employee Timetable
Finance Reports The finance transactions reports have been redesigned for better legibility and usability. Some of the key benefits include:

  • Ability to drill down to student/employee-level and transaction-level details.
  • User-friendly and organized report data so that everyone understands the information being shared.
Administrator, Privileged Employee Finance
New action icons added when viewing fee receipt Beside the receipt number, use the icons to generate a PDF of the receipt and to directly print the receipt. Administrator, Privileged Employee Finance
New action icons added when collecting student fees After collecting student fees either Batch-wise, Student-wise, or Particular-wise, against each payment receipt, icons are available to:

  • Generate a PDF of the receipt.
  • Directly print the receipt.
  • Revert the transaction.
  • View the additional transaction details.
Administrator, Privileged Employee Finance
Exam Management The process of creating and managing exams for batches has been made simpler. On the Create Exam page, when a course is selected, two tabs are available:

  • Batch-wise – Manage exam groups created for individual batches of the course.
  • Exam Group – Manage common exam groups created for multiple batches of the course.

Note: The ‘Batch-wise exam groups’ table lists all exam groups that were created before this Fedena 3.5 update.

Administrator, Privileged Employee Examination
Employee Payroll model added for Custom Import You can now use the new “Employee Payroll” model to update employee payroll details. Note: Since you can no longer use the “Employee Admission” model to import employee payroll details, some of the previously created custom import CSVs for Employee Admission will be disabled and cannot be used. Administrator, Privileged Employee Custom Imports
Attachments in news posts When publishing news, you can now attach files with a maximum size of 5 MB along with your information. Up to five files can be attached. Administrator, Privileged Employee News
Internal Messages
  • Attachments and URLs – When sending internal messages, you can now attach files with a maximum size of 5 MB and enter URLs along with your message.
  • Line Breaks – Messages you send can now be formatted by inserting line breaks, making the message easy to read.
Administrator, Privileged Employee, Student, Parent Internal Messages
Student Attendance Report When viewing the Student Attendance Report, in addition to the Monthly and Overall mode, you can now use the Custom date mode and select a date range to filter and view the report. Administrator, Privileged Employee Students
Scheduling a fee collection On the Create Fee Collection page, the End date field has been removed. This does not change the fee collection scheduling process. Now you will only need to provide a Start date from which you intend to start collecting the fees and a Due date within which the students are required to pay the fees. Administrator, Privileged Employee Finance
Book movement log date range For a specific date range, you can now view the list of books issued or due along with their status. Administrator, Privileged Employee Library
Time Zone Compatibility Fedena is now completely time zone compatible. The date and time stamp displayed throughout Fedena will follow the time zone you’ve set in the General Settings. NA NA
New “Quick Link” added Fees” has been added as a Quick Link to allow Students and Parents quick access to the Fee Status page where then can pay fees (if online payment is available). Student, Parent NA
Employee Privileges
  • Manage Buildings and Allocations privilege has been removed.
  • Manage Allocations has been renamed to Classroom Allocations.

Note: The tasks an employee can or cannot perform with the privilege has not changed.

  • All privileges required to perform HR related task have been grouped under HR Management.
  • The privileges of a batch tutor and subject teacher have been updated with regards to Exam Management. A batch tutor can:
    • View exams scheduled for the batch.
    • Enter co-scholastic subject marks (CCE Exams).
    • Upscale student grades (CCE Exams).
    • View batch reports and enter remarks.

A subject teacher can:

  • Enter marks only for associated subjects.
  • View reports (Subject-wise Report & Student Ranking per Subject) only for associated subjects.
Administrator, Privileged Employee NA

Issues Fixed

Here is the list of issues fixed in this release of Fedena 3.5


  • Attendance register isn’t viewable by teachers teaching elective subjects.
  • Attendance report showing transferred student (only for elective subjects).
  • Privileged employee is unable to mark student attendance.
  • All subjects absence details are showing in the filtered attendance report of the students.

Big Blue Button

  • No audio upon integration of Fedena with BBB.

Data Palette

  • Event dashlet shows deleted events as well.
  • ‘Examinations’ doesn’t load under an Employee’s login.


  • Unable to view CCE Consolidated Report.
  • Unable to change ‘retake’ option in previous batch exams.
  • Not allowed to delete certain exam categories.
  • Subject teacher allowed to view other subjects’ exam scores.
  • Deleted subjects of active batches appearing in CCE settings.
  • Total mark % is not being displayed in PDF Report (Archived student).
  • Tutor has the permission to enter FA scores.
  • Inactive batch name listing in consolidated and subject-wise Report of ICSE.
  • Sorting issue in FA scores (CCE).


  • CSV export of fees head-wise report displays 404 error.
  • Even though the fee isn’t completely paid, it shows ‘Yes’ for ‘Has Fees Paid’.
  • Fee collection ID is sent through internal message instead of collection name.
  • No access to GRN within Inventory Transaction Report for a user with ‘Finance reports’ privilege.
  • Particular-wise fee payment page not loading after deleting the cashier.
  • Show batch full name instead of batch name in the fees transaction report.
  • Total amount is not shown in the CSV report of the fee defaulters.
  • Incorrect ‘Amount to pay’ displayed in the fee submission form.
  • Batch transferred students are not being listed in the fee collection head-wise report.


  • Unassigned hostel fee collections are also listed in the course-wise and student-wise defaulters page.
  • Unable to add more than 10 students in a room.
  • Hostel fee dues not being displayed for the corresponding date in the calendar for student.
  • Corresponding fees are not deleted when deleting the hostel fee collection.

Human Resources

  • Employee admission number gets prefixed by ‘E’, even if the previous Employee ID does not have ‘E’ prefixed.
  • Employee search is not working in some languages.
  • Grade automatically gets assigned when an employee’s profile is updated.

Online Payment

  • Unable to uncheck all the ‘Enable online payment’ options and save.


  • Student search not working for rtl languages.
  • Section name not being displayed in the students’ profile > More > Fees page.


  • ‘Hours per day’ validation is not being verified across all the batches.
  • Subject swap is possible for the attendance marked subject in Timetable Tracker.
  • Duplicate class timing is accepted within the same class timing set.


  • Able to assign a student transport multiple times.
  • Unassigned transport fee collections are also listed in the course-wise and student-wise defaulters page.


  • Not possible to update the leave type through API.

Custom Import

  • Allowing import any data in case of Employee Blood Group.

Custom Report

  • City and State missing in Employee custom report.


  • Administrator is able to edit solved complaints.

Doc Manager

  • At the time of deleting the user there’s no check for dependency.
  • PPTX file format is not accepted.


  • Latest pictures and categories not being displayed first.


  • Task owner unable to update task posted earlier.
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