Fedena 3.5 – Our biggest release yet

Fedena 3.5 – Our biggest release yet

What a week! A few days ago we released Uzity 2.0, our biggest update to Uzity—a learning management system for educational institutions and businesses—since the launch of Uzity itself. And here we are today announcing Fedena 3.5. It’s has been almost seven months since our last release. That’s because we’ve been working hard getting all the details right, and to bring you some big changes.
Fedena 3.5 is our biggest release yet and is jam packed with new and enhanced features to help you get the most out of Fedena. As always, we’ve listened to your feedback and made many of the improvements you asked for.
Automating and Simplifying Employee Leave & Payroll
By far the biggest change in this release is the completely revamped Human Resources module. We’ve taken the foundation of the module and built out more exciting capabilities:

  • Employees can apply for additional leave even after exhausting their leave credits.
  • For each Leave type, HR Administrators can define the leave carry forward settings and LOP calculation formula for additional leaves.
  • Managers get notified of additional leaves. They can then mark additional leaves as ‘Loss of Pay’ and the necessary deduction can be made when generating payroll.
  • Use Payroll Groups to organize employees based on their payroll. In addition to monthly payslips, payroll can also be processed Daily, Weekly, Bi-weekly, or Semi-Monthly.
  • Payroll Category amounts can contain not just plain numeric values but also be calculated based on formulas or conditional formulas.
  • Ability to generate and manage payslips of all employees from a single view.

Printer Support
Fedena now supports the use of Laser, Inkjet, Dot matrix, and Thermal printers, along with the ability to set the page size – A4, A5 Portrait, or A5 Landscape.
Fee payment through Fedena Mobile
Parents and Students can now conveniently check their fee details, pay fees, and download the fee receipts—all from their mobile phones.
More CCE compliant
To make life easier for institutions following the CCE grading system, we have made Fedena more CCE compliant, especially for classes IX and X.

  • Support for 6th subject and Assessment of Speaking and Listening (ASL) subject.
  • Simplified formulas and formative assessment (FA) calculation modes to suit your requirement.
  • Ability to upscale student grades in scholastic areas.
  • Ability to generate the student’s ‘Performance Profile’ report according to the CBSE norms.
  • Other reports as required to be uploaded to the CBSE portal.

Timetable management made more efficient
The way timetables are created and managed has been updated to ease timetable management. We’ve added a new feature called ‘Timetable Summary’ that will give you the subject-allocation status of each batch assigned to a timetable as well as the work hour utilization of employees assigned to a timetable. We’ve also redesigned the ‘Employee Work Allotment’ feature to help you easily manage employee-subject associations.
Exam management made easy
With a small UI redesign, the process of creating and managing exams for batches is now much simpler.
Finance Reports—more usable, more functional
When generating Finance Reports, you’ll notice the beautiful new UI. But it’s much more than just a cosmetic change. You can drill down to student/employee-level and transaction-level details. The report data is now more user-friendly and well organized.
These are just some of the major changes we’ve made to Fedena.
We hope you enjoy this release, and as always, we’d love to hear from you. Write to us at info@fedena.com and let us know your thoughts, questions, and feedback.

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