How new technology in education can enhance online learning?

How new technology in education can enhance online learning?

Gone are the days when a classroom meant blackboards, chalks and maps. Because of the use of so many new technologies in education, modern classrooms have changed dramatically. As a result, the learning experience of students has also improved. Enjoy the following features by using Uzity learning management sytem, it is a powerful way to foster the online learning and delivering interactive & engaging learning experience to all learners and instructors. LMS in education can enhance the learning of students by the following ways:
AUDIO VISUAL MEDIA: One of the best new technology in education is the use of audio and visual media. Students tend to remember images more than texts. When the boring black and white words in books are replaced by colorful, moving objects and audio, then obviously students will remember it better than reading directly from the books. Apart from this, YouTube is also a great new technology in education. It has specialized channels designed for education and there are lots of learning materials as well. Many modern universities are using audio visual media instead of text books.
MOBILE DEVICES: Mobile phones are the favorite gadgets of students and most of them end up spending half of their day using their phones. The idea of using mobile phones as a new technology in education is great. Many schools and colleges now provide their students with phones or iPad’s to improve their learning experience. As a result, students can directly access the internet and read online books and study materials. There are also many great apps which provides great online lessons.
ONLINE CONVERSATION WITH EXPERTS FROM ALL AROUND THE WORLD: Video conferencing is probably the best new technology in education. A great way to enhance the learning experience of students is to engage them in conversation about their subjects with experts in the field. Conversing with professors in their own college is not enough. Through video chatting or other virtual platforms, students can engage in active conversation with experts.Also, with the help of video tools, students in any college can also directly listen live to a lecture given at another college.
SMART CLASSROOMS: Another great new technology in education is the use of smart classrooms. Smart Classrooms means the use of Smart Boards and other devices which will boost classroom activities. The traditional boards used can be boring for students of the digital age. Smart boards are used now in most universities. It is basically an interactive whiteboard that uses touch detection for entering any input. It is also easy for the teachers to teach via a smart board.
CLASSROOM MANAGEMENT: While investing on any new technology in education, it is important for the management of the institution to keep in mind about proper classroom management. While using Smart boards or mobile devices, it should be ensured that proper software of effective classroom management is at place. It will guarantee that all the devices are properly used to enhance learning experience of students.
TECHNOLOGY EMPOWER TEACHERS ALSO: Many teachers don’t like the use of new technology in education, but they are not aware that new technologies empowers them as well. Teachers can constantly keep in touch with their students with the help of various social networking sites. Teachers can also use mobile apps to grade and evaluate students.

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