EdTech Questions Parents Should Ask Schools before Admissions

EdTech Questions Parents Should Ask Schools before Admissions


Schools are the most important learning grounds to prepare your children for the future. The future is more clearly getting digitized and it’s high time that we ensure our children learn technology from an early age. In order to do this, you need to ensure your children go to the right schools. Teachers should be in a position to incorporate technology to improve the learning experience in the classroom. A right school should be able to answer questions of how, where, when and what technology it plans to teach children. Good educational technology should prepare its students to become better entrepreneurs, innovators, self-starters, independent thinkers and be able to solve problems. As parents, you have a major role to ensure you give your children the best education.

Here is how to begin the ed-tech discussion:

1. Is technology a top priority in the school and what specific goals does the school have?

The school should be able to explain how technology is of top priority and what measures are in place to ensure that the school is on the front line as far as technology in learning is concerned. Parents should look out for specific ongoing or start-up projects, for example, measures should be in place to ensure that all teachers are well trained in technology.

2. How is information communicated?

It’s of importance to find out how the school conveys information to the parents and community so as to be in the lookout. Some modes of communication could be through email, the school website or through social media.

3. What type of devices will the child be exposed to and what is the access type?

As parents, you will be required to know the type of devices your child uses in school so as to make efforts to provide the same at home. Every student should have easy access to technology devices.

4. Are there policies against cyber-crimes and are parents educated on how to raise digital children? 

With the rising rates of cyber-crimes, it’s important to ensure that strict rules are put in place to curb cyber-crimes. Parents should also be educated to ensure there are no loopholes at home as well.

5. Are children allowed to bring personal devices and if so, what policies are in place?

Parents should get information on whether to allow their children to come to school with personal devices and what rules to enforce and should discuss the same with their children.

6. Does the school support a child with particular interests in coding?

The school should have forums to expose students to things like coding. This will ensure that they improve skills like innovation and problem-solving.

7. How does technology ensure a better future for my child?

The technology used in the school should be relevant and fit into the learning system.

8. How can I help at home?

The school should have a platform for parents to continue teaching their children at home.

In this digital age, technology is important and so is the teacher. Technology has not come to replace the teacher but to act as an enhancement to learning experience. Technology is here to stay; so let us all embrace it and especially for the young generation.

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