4 Software for Student to Manage Homework


A student software can help pupils to manage their homework without much hassle, mostly when there are deadlines to maintain and a lot of additional resources to refer to. There are various types of software for the student to help students of 21st century with learning and education. We bring to you, 4 such software for the student that’s sure shot assistance to manage homework easily.

Software for student to deal with homework are:


HwPic Homework TutorThis software for student allows them to take pictures of homework or task with the problem to understand and send it to their teachers and get a feedback within minutes, along with an explanation. Available in both Android and iOS, this student software is the right option to manage homework assignment for subjects like maths, chemistry and physics.



WolframAlpha: Very suitable for students of high school, WolframAlpha is one software for student dealing with higher school maths like differential equations and vector calculus. All step-by-step descriptions are available in WolframAlpha which can be downloaded from both Android and iOS.



inClassinClass is one student software that allows students to mark assignments and tasks in a monthly calendar and receive notifications accordingly. Also available are backup feature that helps data transfer to computer and a note taking device that can be separated with a class name.



Google AppsWhen you talk about student software to manage homework, how can you miss the offerings by Google- Google Docs to help students communicate with each other anytime, anywhere with the chat option and also the live document that allows group involvement in a project or assignment. Google Calendar, on the other hand, let students to schedule any assignment and get notified accordingly; whereas, Google Scholar offers good volume of searches on literature and online journals.


The Assignment plugin in Fedena is surely another great software for student option that eases the process of distributing and managing homework and assignments. Teachers can distribute task to students through spreadsheets, docs and images. Students, on the other hand, can upload the finished homework or can even type directly on the text field in Fedena.

Use these smart software for student to manage homework and not miss any assignment or task.

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