6 Impacts of Smart Schools on Education

6 Impacts of Smart Schools on Education


The face of education for the past decade has undergone many changes and most of it can be attributed towards the advent of the smart school. The jury is still out on whether or not 21st-century illiterates should be learning the modern ways of communication and expression, but most schools are adapting to hire educators who are well versed with technology and can help students learn technology in the most efficient and beneficial way. If you would do a google search on “smart school”, you will either find various smart school software or how a school is graded as a smart school based on students’ performances in public examinations. Let’s first define what a smart school is and through that, we can begin to understand its impact on education.

What is a Smart School?

A smart school could easily be defined as a school which incorporates the latest technologies to organize, accommodate and optimize the student learning process. This could involve using the latest ideas of blended learning, the flipped classroom, BYODs and other such practices. The 21st century has seen a lot of development in technology at an exponential rate, which has lead to technology being accessible very easily. A smart school need not even be physically present to be a school, one could host classrooms online using the help of various Learning management systems and haven’t had the need of owning a classroom at all. The smart school also incorporates all the software it can to help in the management and the learning of its students.

Smart School and it’s Impacts on Education

Books and pens have been replaced with touch screen in this day age, be it at work or for leisure. But with the Occulus Rift coming out early next year, it would seem that Virtual reality would be the new face of education and learning. Virtual reality could be used to teach and provide a great environment for children and students of all ages taking the school from being more than just a smart school.

Let’s discuss the impacts of smart schools on education:

  1. Schools no longer need to maintain ledgers and cumbersome paperwork as every smart school software now helps maintain all records for the school in one place.
  2. Schools no longer need to worry about stationary as pens and notebooks are slowly being replaced by tablets and computers.
  3. Being a smart school allows the educators to reach out to students all over the world and develop thriving online learning communities.
  4. Students in a smart school are exposed to students from other parts of the world via online meetings and collaborations.
  5. Smart school software includes functionalities of an ERP and LMS making it really simple for any school to run and maintain processes.
  6. Schools now have the option of storing all their data on the cloud and stop worrying about lost data and the time consumed to retrieve it.

The 21st-century education landscape is shaping up to be a global village and most of it can be attributed to all the smart schools coming up in the world right now.

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