Rewarding the Top Fedena User’: Top 10 Fedena Users as of End of August 2015!

Rewarding the Top Fedena User’: Top 10 Fedena Users as of End of August 2015!

We all know by now, how technology is changing the way education is imparted. In fact, not just classroom technology that has been revolutionised by education, management of institution too, is not lagging behind. Fading are those days when all administrative records were maintained in sheets by a personnel. Technology has come up with smarter and more effective ways to manage your education institution. And Fedena, for the last six years have been trying to revolutionise the way institutions are managed all over the world.
As a part of our effort to help Fedena customers to use technology in their institution to boost productivity, team Fedena had launched ‘Rewarding the Top Fedena User’ program. In this, we had invited all Fedena SaaS clients to be a part of it. The program received a good amount of response and institutions who have agreed upon their participation, have been included in the program.
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Find below the list of top 10 Fedena users at the end of August 2015:
We will be coming out with the list of Top 10 Fedena users again at the end of September. Stay tuned to check out who tops the list!

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