Benefits of Audiobooks in Education

Benefits of Audiobooks in Education


The benefits of audiobooks have been quite eminent to learners who have learning disabilities, for quite some time now. On the other hand, audiobooks can actually be a smarter alternative to reading books- something that many people have started considering old-fashioned with the advent of technology. The surge in the past few years on the popularity of audiobooks played in iPods and other listening gadgets, itself stands witness to how the benefits of audiobooks are taking the joy of reading books to the next level.

So far, use of audiobooks in education has been concentrated in helping students with impairments or students who learn any second-language. But, it can actually be of much use to all students.

Let’s see what are the benefits of audiobooks in education:

  • Many audiobooks come with a narration by the authors themselves. In that case, the mood or emotion attached to each phase of the story is best expressed by the writers themselves. Definitely, an additional help for students of literature to study moods and other nuances hiding in between lines.
  • Pronunciation is surely one of the benefits of audiobooks that can’t be ignored. Reading an audiobook brings out all possibilities of pronouncing words. Students looking forward to learning the proper pronunciation of words can make the most of it.
  • Moreover, the convenience with which one can listen to an audiobook is noteworthy. Plugging in earphones, listening to a chapter and writing down notes simultaneously sounds so much easier than reading the text and write. Storing an audiobook is equally easy with all those mobile devices; using it is simpler; anytime, anywhere.
  • Various studies have been carried out at different points of time that have proved that students can grasp and remember a short story when they listen rather than the time they read it.

When we say the benefits of audiobooks are more prominent than that of reading a textbook, it definitely depends on the kind of book or the subject that’s transformed into an audiobook. When the topic of reading is difficult, perhaps, reading the topic through pages is more welcoming as it allows the reader to refer to the surrounding text for reference. Likewise, different students have a different level of understanding a text. For some, an audiobook may be too fast to learn from; while others might not be comfortable using the audio devices and prefer the easy accessibility of books.

The cost factors play a huge role in the lack of usage of audiobooks in education institutions. Most schools still run short of budget for these kinds of purchases. Hence, the availability is still in the lower numbers in school libraries. Reading through books is better or listening to an audiobook? The question varies with each individual student and their learning capacity. Still, audio-books have a lot to offer, if the possibilities of learning are explored well.

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