Virtual High School: The Changing Face of High School Education

Virtual High School: The Changing Face of High School Education

It’s not just athletes and actors who doesn’t have time to go for regular high schools, are benefiting from virtual high school; slowly a good bunch of regular school goers are also considering the benefits of a virtual high school. Indeed, a whole new experience in attending a classroom with students from different parts of the world! Why would you then leave the comfort of your home when the education you want is coming to you?
Prominent universities like Stanford University, Indiana University, George Washington University have already joined this emerging trend, offering online classes to students and virtual high school diploma programs. A lot has been invested for the upliftment of virtual education off lately. Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation have donated $20 million to develop online courses and supportive tools and applications for them.
Virtual high schools around the world
The Virtual High School, started in 1996 was one of the first virtual high school to function. The school has 850 students registered from 13 states, allowing students from around the world to come online and learn together. A similar kind of model can be seen at Electronic High School in Utah, USA where teachers and students communicate with each other through online chat and email, after the completion of assignments. Not just the communication part, Electronic High School does not offer typical curriculum; instead, teachers create class content and with the help of high school students, develop graphics and web pages for the content.
E-School in Hawaii uses a multi-user community called MOO in their school, whereas, Fraser Valley Distance Education School, Canada uses real-time instructions for the learning of 500 students. The Internet Academy in south Seattle allows its students to go, either for class with a group or individually. Students who opt for group sessions sit in chat room and discuss questions and assignments. Whereas, individual students submit their projects and assignments via mail, chat or even communicate through telephone conversations.
How virtual high school is beneficial?
We all know, how comfortable and at ease students can be if they study at their own pace. Without holding back a class, the student has the liberty to listen to an audio lesson many number of times for more convenience. Moreover, the easy access to variety of other sources of information during study takes virtual learning one step ahead to actual classroom learning. Students from rural or non-city areas can opt for specialized courses that are otherwise not available to them.
The financial advantage of virtual high school cannot be ignored too. With every passing day, schools are getting overcrowded and expensive at the same time. This is where virtual high school concept can help students to attain their degree minus the skyrocketing expenses, as online education neither require infrastructure upgradation nor any other cost involved in maintaining an actual school.
Home schooled students gain a lot through virtual education as they can learn foreign languages and stuffs that may not be an easy cup of tea for their parents. Virtual high school is definitely a  big plus point for students who are unable to attend schools due to unavoidable circumstances to carry on with their education.
The concept of virtual high school still might sound new to many while, some consider it ineffective for students for it might give undue advantage to students learning online. But those who have already joined the bandwagon, would stand by the ease with which education can be imparted through this method. Still, we have wait and see how virtual education unfurls its wings to bring about new changes in education.

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