Our latest release is here, Fedena 3.4.3!

Our latest release is here, Fedena 3.4.3!


We are excited to announce our latest release, Fedena 3.4.3.
Here’s a quick summary of some of the features coming to all our customers.

Major Features

Your SMS settings now come as a package
Fedena clients can now create and assign SMS packages to individual institutions. Each package will consist of two things. One, the SMS provider details such as the service provider name, message limit, package validity, etc. Two, the SMS configuration settings which includes the parameters and their appropriate values. From the account panel, Fedena clients can then easily manage and track the SMS usage by their institutions.
Track your transactions by reference number
For every fee transaction created in Fedena, you can now provide a reference number based on the payment mode. You can then use this number to track and search for transaction details.
Search and print fee receipts
The new page “Fee Receipts” in the Finance module will list all the receipts for payments made by employees, students, and guest users against fee collections. Equipped with Quick search and Advanced search functionality, you can quickly search and print fee receipts.
CCE Reports – Batch-wise Student Report
This new report will help you to generate the ‘Basic type’ CCE report in PDF format for all students of a batch at the same time. The report will include the grades obtained by the students in both scholastic areas and co-scholastic areas.


Track student fee payment details
From a student’s profile, Students, Parents, and Employees can now easily keep track of the fees the student has paid and is due to pay in the current batch as well as previous batches.
Timetable – Now even more functional and aesthetic
One of the major enhancements made to the Timetable module is the ability to assign more than one teacher to a period.
Something we think teachers are going to love is how clear and easy it is to read their timetables. And for the teachers and students who love to print their timetables, we have added a little print button.
Printable fee receipts
For every fee transaction created in Fedena, full or partial, a fee receipt is created. Now each fee receipt can be printed on a newly designed layout.
CCE reports now a little more flexible
Additional filters have been added to the Student-wise Report and Consolidated Report to give you more control.
So there it is, Fedena 3.4.3. We’re eager to hear from you! Write to us at info@fedena.com and let us know your thoughts, questions, and feedback.

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