5 Software for Students for Better Project Management

5 Software for Students for Better Project Management


Managing a group of people for a project is not an easy task to do. Especially when the group of people are students and they have to have good communication and collaboration among themselves to carry out the project properly. Using a software or tool is a smart idea. But students won’t be comfortable with using a tool that’s beyond the reach of their pocket. There are some names that can be good task management tools along with keeping the pricing factor favorable to students as well. Read below to know more.


Redbooth : A good and pretty easy-to-use software for students who are looking forward to manage their projects, Redbooth is a platform for communication and collaboration with instant messaging and video-chat for a swifter communication among project team members. Moreover, the well-organized file-management offer with a centralized file location and integrations are add-on benefits. Redbooth also offer mobile tools to get access to files and projects anytime and offers a Free Plan with 5GB storage and 5 users.


Slack : Another very interesting software for students involved in group projects is Slack which comprises of 3 main features- direct messages, channels defined with a hashtag and private groups. Plus, various other features like Google Drive integration, Dropbox, file sharing, open groups make it a popular software for students for better management of projects. Really easy-to-use, one can just start with the software instantly without spending much time in the learning process.


Teamwork : Collaborate and share among project team members with much ease using Teamwork that allows a lot of integration tools like Google Drive for easy storing and sharing of documents and any information. Besides, the central file management system let students to upload and store documents within the personal account. One striking feature of this software for students for project management is that the pricing is based on the storage space opted and the number of projects.


Basecamp : One of the prime factor that makes Basecamp a good option as a software for students dealing with a project in a team is its Progress window that allows to track the works that’s already done. A very nicely documented team management app, Basecamp lets you restore anything that you accidentally delete from the software.


Glasscubes : Any project team with members of five or less, Glasscubes is one of the best options at hand. Options of unlimited projects and a storage of 1GB, this software for students looking forward to project management allows to take part to discussions and create new tasks without even logging to the system. There is a whiteboard feature that lets any member of the project group to add or edit any added document in the system.

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