5 Most Useful Apps for Students in College

5 Most Useful Apps for Students in College


Using software and apps in college is definitely a smart way to stay organized. There are quite a number available, but you have to choose the one that’ll give a boost to your learning and productivity in college. In this article, we highlight for you, 5 such apps that are sure shot help to your learning in college.


Dictionary: There are a lot of apps for students in college dealing with vocabulary. Dictionary is a free app that gives you lot of information like origin of a particular word, synonyms, antonyms, search history, a thesaurus, etc. The app also allows purchase options of an encyclopedia, a medical dictionary, etc.


Pocket: Pocket is still not hugely popular when compared to other apps for students. But it is indeed a great help to bookmark articles, online content, videos which can be viewed later, on convenience. Available in both iOS and Android, Pocket is free to download and lets you use your bookmarked stuffs even without internet.


Evernote: Students have to do a lot of things in their college life and hence, it becomes difficult to keep a count of all the things done in daily life. Evernote is one of the few effective apps for students that helps you keep a track of things by letting store files, images, web pages, notes, audio and other lot of things. Moreover, Evernote allows users to get access to all stored files anywhere, anytime.


Quizlet: A good study apps for students who are looking for flashcard study sets on various topics which are mostly created by students only. Plus, student users are allowed to create any subject that’s not covered in it. Using audio and images in flashcard sets is easy with Quizlet, thus adding variation to the learning process.


Kindle: Reading, whether it’s for pleasure or academic purpose, is easier with the Kindle reading app. The concept of digital reading is taken to another level with the Kindle app as it lets you to look up to the definition of any word you are not sure off, using the built-in dictionary.

If you have any other app working wonders for you in your college life, do share with us in the comment section below.

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