8 Tips to Teach Effectively in Classroom

8 Tips to Teach Effectively in Classroom

Tips to Teach Effectively

What makes a great teacher? Well, there are no hard and fast rules to make a great teacher and different approach to teaching work for different people. Some teachers are in favor of showering praise on students to motivate them to work harder; while some consider praise to be causing harm to a child’s learning process. Telling your students what to do does not alone, means teaching. It’s more than that!

Today, we bring you some ideas that might assist you in your effort to make your teaching more effective in the classroom.

1. It’s all about passion!

What differentiates a good teacher from a great one is the passion for teaching. And the passion has to be genuine. Faking the passion would lead to nowhere. It is believed that students can get along easily with a teacher they think carefully about what they are teaching.

2. Know your students well; just like you know your subject.

Knowing your subject isn’t enough to make you a great teacher. Know the people you are teaching- what all they like in what you teach, their requirements and what they need to learn from you. Teachers should not get lost in the very important step towards effective teaching, i.e. know your students well.

3. Create a safe and better learning environment for your students.

Promising a secure environment for your students is important, to let them acknowledge what they don’t know and allow them to learn things. You, as a teacher, can create a safe and secure environment which will allow your students to take the risk to learn. Simple things like decorating classroom walls with students’ works can develop faith in students for their teacher.

4. A good teacher-student relationship is crucial.

A very obvious step to follow. Make all effort to build up a strong relationship with your students and it definitely has a lot to affect learning in the classroom. Good environment in the classroom with a thriving teacher-student relationship is a sign of a progressive classroom.

5. Keep your teaching CLEAR.

A great teacher can also be categorized as the one who has the ability to simplify complex learning into something that’s easily graspable to students. The biggest problem with most teachers is that they fail to realize if students understand them or not. Keeping the learning method simple and clear is important.

6. Be an amazing behavior manager.

Good knowledge about your subject and how you deliver it in class alone doesn’t make you a great teacher. Managing classroom behavior includes managing students behavior in the class, proper usage of lesson time and optimal management of learning resources. All these points are as important as your knowledge on the subject you teach.

7. A good teacher-parent and teacher-colleague relationship is also important.

Just as you need a good relationship between you and your students to build up, an equally good relationship is required on the professional front too. Timely communication with parents, being supportive to colleagues equally affect student learning. How? Good relation with colleagues can open up new teaching methods. Whilst, communicating with parents is highly important for a student’s overall development.

8. Be open to new learning styles.

A lot of teachers have the opinion that each student is comfortable with their own style of learning and it’s always better to encourage them to learn in their preferred style. Moreover, being a teacher, you have to keep updated about the latest teaching styles that can optimize the learning process.

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