10 Online Tools to Engage Students in Studying Process

10 Online Tools to Engage Students in Studying Process

Online Tools to Engage Students

When a teacher manages to engage his students in the learning process through interactive techniques, they are able to increase their focus and improve their critical thinking skills. Active participation is important for students to gain meaningful learning experiences in the classroom.

How do you motivate your students to get engaged, when most of them don’t give you a chance to show how fun learning can be?

The following online tools will support you on that mission:


This website will be a faithful companion throughout your growth as an educator. It offers effective study tips and articles that help students improve their learning skills. In addition, you will find a separate section for teachers, which offers over 200 free tips provided by experienced educators. New content is being added on regular basis, so make sure to stay updated with the trends.

The teaching resources are separated in the following categories: Reference Sources, Classroom Management, Teaching Techniques, Subject Areas, Language Arts, Math, and Other Teaching Tips. When you start exploring the content at this website, you’ll realize that your potential as a teacher is directly related to the engagement of your students.


Teachers have a great responsibility to provide proper support during exam sessions. You cannot expect for your students to study effectively if you solely provide the textbooks and leave them on their own. Luckily, those teaching strategies are outdated.

ExamTime is a tool you can recommend to your students. It transforms their learning potential by enabling them to organize the studying process and focus on the most important aspects of the material. The free learning platform provides all tools that students need for successful learning.


How can you make tests less scary? By enabling your students to practice as much as possible. You don’t have to give tests each day until you make them feel more comfortable with the challenge; that would only increase the stress levels in the classroom.

At 4Tests.com, your students can take free practice exams with no pressure. You won’t be aware of the results they achieve, so they will be intrigued to test their knowledge and see how well they would do on an actual test.

Novel Guide

If you don’t have time to write novel guides for your students, you will definitely appreciate this website, which offer materials on most literature pieces you cover in class. In addition to a plot summary, the website offers discussion and questions for each piece of literature.

When your students rely on these resources, they won’t neglect the actual novels. On the contrary; they will get proper guidance on how to read and understand the author.

Essay Mama

The essay writing assignments are among the most challenging projects your students face throughout their learning adventure. No matter how hard you try to engage them in the process of academic writing, it’s hard to make all topics attractive. Essay Mama is a website that offers professional assistance on all types of assignments. Your students can collaborate with expert PhD authors, who will guide them through the essay writing stages.

The blog section is just as useful for you as it is for your students. It offers a detailed glossary of essay writing terms, as well as a free academic writing guide. In addition, you can read great articles related to education.


Your students love using their smartphones and tablets, so you should definitely instruct them to install this cross-platform student planner. The paper planner is not as effective as it used to be. With this app, your students won’t need to worry about forgetting the planner or carrying it around everywhere they go.

The app makes tracking school work as easy as it gets. Thanks to myHomework, they will never forget an assignment again.


Most conventional learning strategies are outdated for today’s educational system, but that’s not the case with flashcards, review sheets and quizzes. These tools are still effective when it comes to getting the students engaged in the learning process. The free platform offers the largest library of online study materials generated by users.

Your students can find resources on any topic and save a lot of time when they are trying to learn new things.

Fun Brain

What could possibly inspire your students more than properly-chosen educational games? At this website, you will find great games for different ages. The reading section contains books and comics that will bring literature closer to the understanding of young learners. The fun math games will make even the scariest subject more approachable.

ACCA Student Blog

Unfortunately, you don’t have much time for motivational speeches when you have tons of coursework material to cover in class. That’s why the ACCA blog can help! Recommend this website when you notice that some of your students have lost their passion for learning. The motivational resources will help them achieve their full potential, find the right learning methods, surpass different obstacles, and deal with exam failure.

Study Guides and Strategies

“Study is like the heaven’s glorious sun.” This Shakespeare quote is the motto of the website, which offers useful study guides, project management and problem-solving strategies, teamwork tips, thinking/memorizing guidance, research and reading tips, and much more.

The guides for learning and studying are very effective for students at different age levels. They will find tips on active learning as an experiential, engaging, and mindful way of processing information.

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