[Infographic] 7 Interesting Ways to Use Instagram in Classroom

[Infographic] 7 Interesting Ways to Use Instagram in Classroom

The use of social media in education have introduced new learning opportunities in the classroom. Instagram can be a great tool in the classroom too! Using the Instagram application, teachers can promote digital literacy, share the lesson plans with students in more engaging ways, and connect with parents in real-time.

But to protect the students’ privacy it is a must create a private classroom account which is only followed by your classroom students and their parents, as well as members of other classrooms or by whom you have sent an “invite” to follow your Instagram account. With a private account, teachers can easily keep track on the post and vet all potential followers. An account can be used for class-related updates and other notifications.

In this infographic, we have shared the top 7 ways by which you can implement Instagram effectively in classroom:

1- Create community so that students can share their creative works with other class members.

2- It gives student’s freedom to share the photo related to their favorite subject.

3-  Encourage creativity by sharing photo’s.

4- Rewards the students for featuring their work.

5- Document the students performance.

6- Assign exciting projects to students.

7- Create fun events & quiz.

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