Manage Fees Collections: How to add or remove Fee Particulars and Fee Discounts

Manage Fees Collections

Manage Fees Collections

Planning fee collection schedules for hundreds of students is a time consuming process, but something that’s very important and cannot be avoided. To ease the process, many institutions at the beginning of the academic year, plan and decide the various types of fees each batch of students have to pay. All these fee types are then recorded in Fedena and the fee collection dates are scheduled for each batch. Each fee collection will consist of payment and discount heads or as Fedena calls it ‘fee particulars’ and ‘fee discounts’. When the fee collection dates draw near, often times institutions want to make changes to the scheduled fee collections. Institutions either want to remove certain fee particulars or fee discounts, or they want to add new fee particulars or fee discounts for a batch or for a particular student. Here’s how Fedena can handle this.


If you are using the Fedena version 3.4.1 or 3.4.2, the solution is simple. Use the Manage Fee Collections page to easily add or remove fee particulars and fee discounts from student fee collections.


  1. Go to the Manage Fee Collections page (module access icon > Administration > Finance > Fees > Schedule Fee Collection Dates > Manage Fee Collections).
  2. Select the batch and the fee collection.
  3. If you select Particular, all fee particulars created for the batch, for a student, or for a student category are displayed.
    Managing student fee collections1 If you select Discount, all fee discounts created for the batch, for a student, for a student category, or for a fee particular are displayed.

    Managing student fee collections2
  4. Select the checkboxes to assign or remove fee particulars and fee discounts.
  5. Click the Update button.

A point to note, if a student has paid the fees towards a fee collection, newly created fee particulars and fee discounts cannot be assigned to that fee collection, neither can existing fee particulars nor fee discounts be removed from that fee collection.

If you are using a Fedena version 3.4 and older, the only solution is to delete the scheduled fee collections, create the new fee particulars and fee discounts or delete the ones that don’t apply, and then schedule the fee collections all over again. This process can get even more tedious if you’ve already started collecting fees from students.

So if you haven’t already upgraded to the latest Fedena version – do it now!

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