Introducing Fedena 3.4.2

Introducing Fedena 3.4.2

Fedena 3.4.2 - Article (1)

Today, we are excited to announce our newest release, Fedena 3.4.2 featuring a simpler way to schedule exams, a faster and convenient way to process various student fees, SMS notifications when importing data into Fedena, and many more. In addition to the new and enhanced functionality, we’ve also focused on some key bug fixes directed towards an even better usability for all users.

To highlight some of the new and enhanced features:

  • Save time by scheduling exams for all batches of a course at the same time.
  • Customize the type of donor information you want to capture by adding custom additional fields.
  • In addition to the payment gateways that Fedena already supports (PayPal, Interswitch, and, Fedena will now also support:
    • Stripe
    • Braintree
    • PayU
    • CCavenue

And to offer you even greater control and flexibility for online payments, you can now integrate any custom payment gateway with Fedena.

  • Enhanced the Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) grading system to keep in line with the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) guidelines.
  • SMS notifications are not just for activities performed in the Fedena interface. Now, send and receive SMS notifications for activity performed through Custom Import and using Fedena API as well.
  • Collect and process all types of student fees, such as finance fee, transport fee, and hostel fee from a single view.
  • Generate the employee attendance report for any date range that you specify.

We hope you are excited as much as we are with the new features and enhancements.

And to make this release even sweeter for us, today Foradian celebrates its 6th anniversary. That’s right! Foradian turns six years old. So whether you’ve worked with Foradian over the past six years or have just been introduced to us, thanks for being a part of our journey.

Write to us at and let us know your thoughts, questions, and feedback about the release. We would also like you to share how your experience has been with Foradian over the past six years on our Facebook or Twitter pages with the hashtag #ForadianTurnsSix.

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  1. Enhanced the Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) grading system to keep in line with ONLY TO INDIAN guidelines.

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