Fedena 3.4.2 Release Notes

Fedena 3.4.2 - Release Notes (1)

What’s new in Fedena

Here is the list of new features included with this release of Fedena 3.4.2

Note: The feature names and parts of the feature descriptions are linked to articles in the Fedena support portal that contain more information about the features.


Description User Role


Course-wise Exam Schedule Previously, you were only able to schedule an exam for one batch of students at a time. In this release, you can schedule a common exam for all batches of a course at the same time. Administrator, Privileged Employee Examination
Custom Payment Gateway If you use the Online Payment plugin, you must be aware that Fedena supports the following payment gateways: PayPal, Interswitch, and Authorize.net. With this release, Fedena will also support:

  • Stripe
  • Braintree
  • PayU
  • CCavenue

In addition to the payment gateways that Fedena will support, institutions can also integrate any custom payment gateway with Fedena. This will offer institutions greater control and flexibility for online payments.

Fedena Multischool Group Administrator, Fedena Account Administrator, Fedena Administrator, Privileged Employee Online Payment
Donation Transactions
  • Add custom fields to record additional information about a donor.
  • Donation transactions can now only be deleted.
  • Created donation transactions can now be printed as a CSV report.
Administrator, Privileged Employee Finance

What’s enhanced in Fedena

Here is the list of enhanced features included with this release of Fedena 3.4.2


Description User Role


Associated employees list in Subjects Search API In this release, Subjects Search API will give you the employee numbers of the employees associated to each subject. NA NA
Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) Grading System Formative Assessment (FA) Calculation:The following changes have been made to Formative Assessment (FA) calculation:

  • The maximum marks must be assigned to each individual evaluation criteria of a FA group and not the FA group itself.
  • Previously, the FA criteria score was calculated by taking the average of the marks obtained for each indicator. In this release, the FA criteria score can also be calculated by summing up the marks obtained for each indicator.

Note: FA criteria calculation cannot be edited if descriptive indicator marks have already been entered for students.

  • Similar to how FA criteria is calculated, the FA group score can be calculated by taking the average of all FA criteria scores. In this release, the FA group score can also be calculated by applying a custom formula.


Co-Scholastic Settings:

  • When assigning a co-scholastic group to a course, the co-scholastic group description along with the group name is displayed for better clarity.
  • When scoring co-scholastic indicators, you now have to provide a grade point score instead of a grade.


Co-scholastic Descriptive Indicators:

You can now select the descriptive indicators that are to be displayed in the CCE Student-wise Report. In the report the indicators will be sorted from the highest to the lowest grade.


CCE Student-wise Report:

The Student-wise Report will now display the observation criteria as well as the descriptive indicators for each criteria.

Administrator, Privileged Employee Examination
SMS Notifications
  • Users can now receive SMS notifications when a fee (Finance, Transport, Hostel, Instant Fee payment) is submitted and processed.
  • Previously, SMS notifications were sent to the users only when specific activities were performed in the Fedena interface. For example, when exam results are published, students and parents will receive a SMS notification. In this release, users will receive notifications even when specific activity is performed through Custom Import and using Fedena API.
Administrator, Employee, Student, Parent SMS
Finance – Collecting and processing all types of student fees from a single view To make student fee payment simple and convenient, all types of student fees, such as finance fee, transport fee, and hostel fee can be collected and processed right from the Finance module. Administrator, Privileged Employee Finance
Finance – Recording deleted/reverted transactions Previously, only the following type of transactions when reverted were listed in the Reverted transactions page:

  • Finance fee
  • Transport fee
  • Hostel fee
  • Library fine
  • Instant fee

In this release, the following type of transactions when deleted/reverted will also be listed as a reverted transaction in the Reverted transactions page:

  • Income and Expenses (Salary, Inventory, Sales in Inventory, Custom finance category)
  • Donation
  • Inventory
  • Refund
Administrator, Privileged Employee Finance
Student fee preferences A student’s fees preferences can be specified from the student’s profile (More > Fees):

  • Create fee collections for the student.
  • Do not create fee collections for the student in the current batch, however, fee collections can be created after the student is transferred to another batch.
  • Do not create fee collections from now on, even if the student is transferred to another batch, or registers for a new course.
Administrator, Privileged Employee Student Profile
Managing students who are absent for an exam or not applicable for an exam The following changes have been made to manage students who may be absent for an exam and students for whom an exam may not be applicable:

  • When entering marks, students can now be marked absent by selecting the Absent checkbox.
  • If a subject exam is not applicable for a student, do not enter marks for that student. The subject will not be displayed in the report.
  • For a ‘Previous Batch Exam’, the ‘Retake’ option will be available only for students who were marked absent.
  • When you are custom importing exam scores, if marks are not entered for a student, then the student will be marked absent. If an exam is not applicable to a student, the student must be omitted from the corresponding CSV file.
Administrator, Privileged Employee Examination
Filtered Employee Attendance Report You can now generate the employee attendance report for a specific date range. Administrator, Privileged Employee Human Resource
General Settings – Language Spanish and French translations have been enhanced. Administrator, Privileged Employee, Student, and Parent All modules

What’s removed from Fedena

Automatic Transactions – Setting up automatic deduction transactions for finance categories functionality has been removed.

Issues Fixed

Here is the list of issues fixed in this release of Fedena 3.4.2

Applicant Registration

  • Printed PDFs do not show the attachment information.
  • Applicant fee payment status is shown as ‘Not paid’ even though amount to be paid is zero.
  • Pay button must be disabled if the amount to be paid is zero.

Custom Reports

  • Error 500 displayed when attempted to generate a custom report with an additional field containing “.” as one of the input criteria.

Data Export

  • All recent jobs to be shown at the top in Data Exports page.

Doc Manager

  • Deleted privileged folder is shown for students, but hidden for administrators.


  • “No exam” type subject name is shown in Assessment-wise Report and Subject-wise Report.
  • In Internal Assessment Groups create and edit page, lowercase letters aren’t considered during calculation.
  • Subject teacher has no permission to enter the marks for a particular subject.
  • Class designation is shown for all batches in view and only once in PDF.
  • Unable to select the date from the calendar if we encounter any error during exam creation.
  • Employee is unable to view the Archived student report in Examination report center.
  • Through ‘Edit’, it’s possible to create duplicate exam for the same subject.
  • Combined score doesn’t show the grade in Grouped Exam Report.
  • Cannot enter 0% in ‘Marks’ field for a class designation.
  • Style issue in PDF of consolidated report.
  • Subject name not shown when editing a subject exam.
  • Grouped exam records are not deleted from the back-end when exam groups are deleted.


  • Fee Structure PDF doesn’t have fee collection, category and dates.

Human Resource

  • If an individual payslip category is approved by the administrator, a 500 error is displayed in View Payslip page.
  • Date isn’t shown in the Attendance Register.
  • Marital status of employee gets reset to ‘Single’ if employee profile is imported into Fedena through Custom Import.
  • Ability to assign the default administrator as a teacher for a subject.


  • No permission to export the CSV reports.

Online Exam

  • Unable to reset an exam.


  • Cannot create more than one elective group for a batch.
  • Disable exam management link from a tutor privileged employee.
  • Elective group name cannot be edited in the Manage Subject


  • Error 500 is displayed when attempted to view a PDF report for retrieved results when searched for a student from autosuggest menu.
  • Wrong authorization object is being passed to breadcrumb for batches/show page.


  • Only one employee has the permission to mark the subject-wise attendance for an elective subject.


  • Inconsistent page breaks in generated PDF documents.
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