How student can obtain better GPA?

how to score better GPA

Clearing all exams with just a passing mark is not enough. One should look forward to a good GPA (Grade Point Average) and make others envy about it. Do not be a kind of student who ignores when his GPA is being asked by other people; instead work hard and make efforts to secure an upright GPA as this will add spark in your resume and achievements.

There a few things which students should look forward to obtaining better and respectable GPA

1. Don’t skip classes:

Plan your friends’ hangout and other plans after the class. Don’t skip your classes as this will make you miss your lessons and you will be unable to write down your notes. Also, this will limit your absences and you will not be able to skip the class in case of any emergency. Exceeding the limit will down-level your GPA.

2. Sleep well and eat well:

Your body and mind need to be good to work and for that, you need proper sleep and appropriate meals. Don’t neglect your body by overloading it with junk food. Try to take home-made food to college. Follow a proper sleep routine. Watching movies late night on weekdays and eating a burger every day is a big no-no.

3. Write down your notes:

Yes, I know taking notes through the camera or writing them on phone or laptop looks cool but it is not practical. Make sure you write down your notes with hands for an easy revision as notes on screen may stress your eyes and brain.

4. Balance your social and academic life:

Do not be a nerdy or such a bookworm that your friends or family are hesitant to meet you. Take breaks often and hang out with people you love. We all know that all work and no play make Jack a dull boy. Balance your social life and studies as it won’t harm your GPA; instead, you will do well if your mind is refreshed.

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