Fedena 3.4.1 Release Notes

Fedena 3.4.1 Release Notes


What’s new in Fedena

Here is the list of new features included with this release of Fedena 3.4.1

Note: The feature names and parts of the feature descriptions are linked to articles in the Fedena support portal that contain more information about the features.

Feature Description User Role Module
Assigning student roll numbers Assign roll numbers to students. Roll numbers are unique identification numbers assigned to students at the time of admission or after admission. Roll numbers are unique only to students within a batch. This means no two students of a batch can be assigned the same roll number. Administrator, Privileged Employee Settings
Consistent date and time format throughout Fedena Date – Set the date format to determine how dates will be displayed throughout Fedena. The date formats available are:

  • DMY – Date/Month/Year
  • MDY – Month/Date/Year
  • YMD – Year/Month/Date

The available date separators are:

  • / (forward slash)
  • (hyphen)

Dates are displayed in either predefined long formats or short formats. An example for the long date format is March 10, 1986. An example for the short date format is 10/03/1986.

Time – Time is now consistently displayed in 12 hour format (HH:MM AM/PM) throughout Fedena. For example, 11:30 AM.

Administrator, Privileged Employee General settings
Institution type setting Specify the institution type in the General settings page when setting up your institution. The institution type can be set to:

  • K-12 – Refers to educational institutions that cover kindergarten all the way to class/grade 12 (primary and secondary education).

If the option K-12 is selected, the term ‘Class’ will be used throughout Fedena’s interface to indicate ‘a year of education’. ‘A year of education’ can be, Grade 7, Class 7, Standard 7, or Form 7; depending on your country’s educational system.

  • Higher Education – Refers to educational institutions such as universities and colleges that offer education beyond secondary education. For example, a two or three year degree of a chosen subject.

If the option Higher Education is selected, the term ‘Course’ will be used throughout Fedena’s interface to indicate ‘the study of a particular topic in an institution. Examples of courses are Zoology, Business Administration, and so on.

If the institution type is not specified, by default the term ‘Course’ will be used throughout Fedena.

Administrator, Privileged Employee General settings
Batch summary View the following information about an active batch on the Batch summary page:

  • List of students in the batch
  • Student attendance details for the day. This is available only if you mark attendance Daily.
  • Subject and employee allocation details for a timetable
  • Timetable for the day along with class room allocation details
  • Calendar event details
  • Examination status details
Administrator, Privileged Employee Settings
Activating and deactivating batches A batch becomes inactive when all students of a batch are transferred to a new batch, or when all students of a batch are graduated in Fedena. In this release, you can view the list of inactive batches, and also make a batch active or inactive right from the Manage Batch page (module access icon > Administration > Settings > Manage Course/Batch > Manage Batch). Administrator, Privileged Employee General settings


What’s enhanced in Fedena

Here is the list of enhanced features included with this release of Fedena 3.4.1

Feature Description User Role Module
Creating a discount for a fee particular Previously you were only able to create a discount on a fee category. In this release, you will be able to create a discount on a fee particular as well. Administrator, Privileged Employee Finance
Managing student fee collections Managing student fee collections has become easy. The new enhanced user interface will allow you to easily add and remove fee particulars and fee discounts from fee collections. Administrator, Privileged Employee Finance
Creating instant fee particulars and instant fee discounts To help you speed up your student fee collection process, you now have the option to create instant fee particulars and instant fee discounts when collecting student fees. You do not have to go through the complete process of creating fee categories, fee particulars, fee discounts, and fines. Administrator, Privileged Employee Finance
Collecting student fees – Cashier name When collecting student fees, the payment history will now also display the name of the employee (Cashier) who has collected the fee and created the payment transaction in Fedena. Administrator, Privileged Employee Finance
Managing timetables The following enhancements have been made to the Timetable module:

    • You can now set any weekday as the first day of the week based on your institution’s academic calendar.
    • The workflow to create a timetable has been modified. You must first create class timing sets and then assign a class timing set to each weekday before creating the timetable.
    • You can now assign different class timing sets to each weekday from the Set weekdays & class timing sets page (module access icon > Academics > Timetable > Set weekdays & class timing sets).
    • Apart from a few cosmetic changes to the interface when creating class timing sets, the functionality to manage class timing sets (as see in the image below) for a batch has been removed.For Release Notes
  • When editing weekdays and class timing sets for a batch, you can now select the date from which you want the changes to be applied.
  • The user interface has been enhanced making it easy to assign employees to class timing records when creating a timetable.
  • You can now print a timetable (module access icon > Academics > Timetable > View Timetable) as a CSV file. In a printed timetable, breaks are indicated as a thick grey line between periods.
Administrator, Privileged Employee Timetable
Tutor privileges Previously, an employee assigned as a batch tutor could only mark student attendance for the batch. In this release, the tutor can also view (module assess icon > Academics > Batch summary) the batch summary details, as well as view student profiles who belong to the batch. Administrator, Privileged Employee (Tutor) Settings
Custom Reports
  • Previously, when generating a custom student report, you were only able to generate the immediate contact details of a student. In this release, you can generate the contact details of all guardians as well.
  • When generating a custom employee report, you can now include the Employee category field to be displayed in the report.
Administrator, Privileged Employee Custom Reports
Top-level domain (TLD) size Previously, the top-level domain (TLD) size was restricted to three characters. In this release, the TLD size limit has been removed. NA NA

Issues Fixed

Here is the list of issues fixed in this release of Fedena 3.4.1


  • Common events are not listing in event API
  • Access issue in student profile view for parent login
  • Biometric information missing in API employee profile

Applicant Registration

  • Duplicate registrations are allowed
  • Unable to delete attachments
  • Rectify subject selection and amount to be paid
  • User is unable to complete the registration if the number of electives selected is zero
  • Unable to allot an applicant when auto increment logic is not followed


  • Attendance report of student profile shows incorrect data when swap is done
  • Filtered attendance report shows ‘total number of working days’ for subject-wise attendance


  • User is unable to unfavourite a blog post

Custom Import

  • Employee payroll data gets uploaded to the deleted category
  • Unclear error message shown after uploading student admission details with additional field
  • Unable to import employee “Fax”
  • Allows any data in case of additional details (check box / selection box)
  • Unable to import books when special characters are used in CSV
  • Error 500 thrown in book import with tags


  • CCE subject-wise report scores not rounded
  • Breadcrumbs in Examination result entry page to show batch full name
  • SA mark percentage not shown in Subject-wise report and Assessment-wise report
  • IA scores not visible in Subject-wise report and consolidated report


  • Fee collection not shown for batches that have no students in case of fee import
  • When a batch is inactive, Master Fee Categories created for that batch cannot be deleted or edited


  • Not possible to edit the weights of a used Feedback form template


  • Redirection to dashboard when clicked on category name
  • Can’t add files to gallery when no student is selected

Human Resource

  • Unable to mark/update attendance of employee in case of large names
  • Prevent double click in one click payslip generator
  • Change “Approving Manager Name” to “Approved by” in leave application page
  • Payslip structure repeating in case of multiple clicks for individual payslip creation


  • The text box to enter student name reads ‘Payee’ instead of ‘Payer’ in Library Fines page
  • Delete link for issued book is enabled


  • Error 500 in the mobile attendance view if the batch contains no subjects in subject-wise attendance
  • Subject swapped employee has the permission to mark the attendance for other dates also


  • User is able to view the poll results before he casts his vote


  • Show permitted resolution in student/employee admission page


  • Create/Send Reminder: Scripts should be disabled in the message


  • When the remarks are split across lines, the words are not wrapped properly


  • Student search using full name doesn’t work


  • Weekly classroom allocation throwing 500 in Portuguese locale
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