Fedena Add on Plugin Package – Benefits

Document Manager

A great plugin to manage all your documents in few simple steps. Fedena document manager lets you upload, download, view, edit, share and organize your documents in folders.


  • Access your documents from anywhere.
  • Upload, download, share your documents.
  • You can view your documents under, Share docs, Privileged docs, Favorite docs, Recent docs and User docs.
  • Upload unlimited no. of documents.
  • Organize your documents in folders.
  • Share your documents with students, teachers or management.

Read How to use Fedena Document Manager.

Form Builder

Create, share, analyse and make reports with Fedena Form Builder. Create interesting forms like feedback sessions, survey forms, information collection form etc and make reports and draw analysis from the data collected.


  • Create form templates to publish forms for Fedena users.
  • Create unlimited no. and types of forms.
  • Collect feedback from students, employees via forms.
  • Extract form submission reports in CSV format.
  • Detailed analysis of data collected via forms.
  • Most useful in creating feedback and survey forms.

Read How to use Fedena Form Builder

These 2 plugins are available for purchase, contact our sales team for purchase.

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