World Usability Day – Fedena has all Reasons to Celebrate!

World Usability Day – Fedena has all Reasons to Celebrate!



How do you define usability? ISO 9241 standard  defines usability as “The extent to which a product can be used by specified users to achieve specified goals with effectiveness, efficiency, and satisfaction is a specified context of use.” What conclusion we can come to is that, usability is all about the ease of use and this ease of use must be defined on the outlines of effectiveness, the ease of learning, the engagement and efficiency it involves. Well, with these characteristics, Fedena is highly usable and its usability is attributed to its features which are especially designed considering users and their context of use in mind. The words of Mr.Anh Pahn from Wellspring International School, a Fedena client,further establishes how Fedena fulfills the characteristics of usability.


“A great user experience. I liked the search engine inside Fedena! Anyone can use Fedena in seconds. Mr.Anh Pahn, Wellspring International School,

When we talk about the usage of a software, an ERP software and its usage is way different from that of most other web software. This is because, the lifeline of usage for most of these web software is limited to once or twice by the given user; whilst, an ERP software is there for a longer time, sometimes, couple of hours a day. Thus, usability takes an important stand when it comes to time span of usage of a software. How will you be comfortable using a software if its not easy to use, simple to learn and highly engaging? Team Fedena works hard to build a better user experience with simplified features in a way that fits the real world context, facilitating users to perform their tasks all the more efficiently with Fedena.


“Fantastic UI, The entire user experience is so fabulous that it makes a lot of sense for students because they are used to that kind of a clutter free design” Mr.Lux Rao, Chief Technical Officer, HP India.


Yes, it is Fedena’s clutter free design and easy to use dashboard that helps Fedena to reach educational institutions of all genre. Fedena’s single dashboard contains all the features, thus users don’t have to migrate to other pages to look for different features. Fedena requires anyone with basic computer knowledge to operate easily, thus allowing customers from diverse age group- a student in the junior class can use it with the same ease as that of somebody from the management body of an institution. This is one point that has taken Fedena to almost all parts of the world, with 40 000+ schools and colleges trust the software to manage their data and 20 million+ students and teachers stay powered by Fedena. The improved UX of Fedena helped us with better user engagement and a sales growth of around 40%. The reason being the growing importance of usability, apart from features as well.


Today, on November 13, 2014, on World Usability Day, we are  confident to claim that Fedena is more usable than it was on November 13, 2013 and it continues in its journey towards evolvement. We, at Foradian Technologies, continue to do our best in making Fedena more usable and our efforts have been acknowledged and received well by a most of our users.


“Fedena with its beautiful and innovative UI/UX design is loved by the teachers and other users of our institutions. It has increased the productivity and efficiency many fold”, Mr.Deepak Reddy, Aditya Group of Institutions, India.


If you are a Fedena user, please feel free to provide your valuable comments or suggestions on the UI/UX of Fedena. We will be happy to know your experience!

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