The All New Remarks Module with Fedena 3.3 to Provide Remarks to Students

The All New Remarks Module with Fedena 3.3 to Provide Remarks to Students


Introducing a new module with Fedena 3.3, Remarks let you provide remarks for each of the student on the basis of performance in different subjects or some common remarks on individual student on any particular exam conducted. The module also allows administrators to provide custom remarks on the students. To know more on the Remarks module, go through the article below.

The Remarks module with Fedena

The Remarks module can be used in three major forms- as common remarks, subject-wise remarks and custom remarks.

How the three major forms of the module works

A subject teacher or a tutor of the particular batch has the privilege to provide remarks.Subject teachers can add/modify remarks for those subjects which they teach whereas the tutor can add/modify for all subjects in that batch. For this, you need to go to ‘Exam Management’ in ‘Examination’. Select the particular course and the respective exam as well as the subject to provide remarks for each of the student on the particular subject.


As you can see, individual marks are given to each of the student in the respective subject.

Remarks can also be added for a particular subject from Exam Wise Reports and Student Transcript Page.
To check the report on remarks based on exams, you have to go ‘Exam Wise Reports’ in ‘Exam’ and select the batch and exam group.
The screenshot above shows the subject wise marks of the particular student. For ‘Common remarks’ on the particular students, you have to click on ‘+Add remarks’ as marked in the screenshot, and add your respective remark for the student. ‘Common remarks’ are helpful when you want to provide with extra remarks for any students on the particular exam the student attended.

When you are looking forward to provide with custom remarks, you need to go to ‘Remarks’ in ‘Academics’. There is an option to ‘Add custom remark’ which when selected will ask you to select the particular course and batch.

For custom remarks, you have to provide the name under whom the remarks are to be published, in the ‘Remark by’ box. Provide with a ‘Subject’ as well before filling up remarks for each of the student. ‘Custom remarks’ are those remarks which are general comments on any student on the overall performance.

PDF report on the remarks can also be extracted.

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