The new Color Theme plugin by Fedena 3.3

The new Color Theme plugin by Fedena 3.3

Color Theme plugin In Fedena

The new Fedena 3.3 comes along with a lot new features to provide the best of user experience. Today, in this article, we will feature a brand new plugin that has been introduced with the new version of Fedena, called the Color themes. Earlier version of the software allowed only six color themes, which has been extended to more options. This allows our users to choose a color theme of their choice from the color picker. Read the article for more details on the plugin.

Choosing Color Themes and font

When you login to your Fedena account, go to ‘General Settings’ in ‘Settings’.

Here, as you can see in the screenshot above, you have the option to choose color from the available colors for theme. For more colors, select ‘More colors’.

Choose any color of your choice.

For font, you need to go to ‘Select font’ option in the ‘General Settings’ page only.

3Selecting font is a completely new feature in the color theme plugin. Choose from the 7 font styles available from the list.

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