Introducing the all new ICSE grading system with Fedena 3.3

Introducing the all new ICSE grading system with Fedena 3.3

ICSE grading system with Fedena

The earlier version of Fedena offered different types of exam grading like the GPA, CWA and CCE. But the new version of the software, Fedena 3.3 has introduced a new core feature called the ICSE grading system which will allow institutions following the ICSE grading pattern with exams and courses. Before using this core feature, you need to know the feature well. Today, we will cover the configuration part that you need to do to use the ICSE grading system feature for your institution.

ICSE Grading- The configuration process

Before you start using the ICSE grading system for examinations in your institution, you need to do some configuration.

  • For this, you need to first go to ‘General Settings’ where you will select ICSE as the grading system.


As you can see in the above screenshot, ‘ICSE’ has been selected as one of the grading systems.

  • Before proceeding to the next step you need to upgrade all the relevant existing courses to ICSE grading system.

3For all the other new courses, use ICSE as the opted grading system as shown in the screenshot.

  • Then comes the part of adding relevant ICSE settings from the Settings part of examination.


ICSE Settings’ will take you to its page where you need to do the configurations.


  • ICSE Exam Categories: This section will let you create new ICSE exam categories. Clicking on the ‘New’ option will let you create new exam categories.


Fill in the necessary information to create the new exam category.

  • ICSE Weightage: The next step is to create the ‘ICSE Weightage’.


Provide with the EA or External Assessment weightage and IA or Internal Assessment Weightage along with option of co-curricular activities (if co-curricular activities are part of any of the weightage.)

  • Assign Weightage: The weightage created above has to be assigned to respective batch and for this, you need to select the respective batch and also the subject.


  • Internal Assessment Groups: Create a new internal assessment group for internal assessment exam.


Create the group by filling up the necessary information. Make sure you provide the indicator and the formula. Description of all formula is given in the right-hand side of the page, as shown above in the screenshot.

  • Assign IA Group: Once you are done creating IA group, the next step is to assign the IA group.


Assign IA group and you are done with ICSE exam configuration.

In the next article, we will be talking about the ICSE Reports in detail.

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