Re-arrange and randomize questions in Online Exams with Fedena 3.2

Re-arrange and randomize questions in Online Exams with Fedena 3.2

Conducting various type of exams often require you to frame questions and rearrange them for each question paper. And this task is without any doubt, much hectic, rearranging the questions for all the students. But with the question re-arrangement and randomize option, you don’t have to spend your time doing the same yourself. Read the article and know how you can use the options for examinations.

How to do it

Arranging questions takes place in two types- rearranging it yourself and using the randomize option.

In case the questions are arranged manually

Login to your Fedena account and go to ‘Online Exam’.


Select ‘View Online Exams’ and go to the respective page to select the particular online exam where you want to make the new updates with arrangement of questions.


Select the particular online exam to do the modifications. Once you select the particular online exam, it will take you to the particular online exam detail page.


The ‘Rearrange Questions’ option lets you rearrange the questions according to you.

Using the ‘Randomize’ option

When you don’t rearrange questions manually, use the ‘Randomize’ option.

Just select the ‘Randomize’ option and the order of the questions will change every time a different student appears the exam. Thus, a perfect help for conducting different type of exams.

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