The Need to Blend Character Education in Daily Classroom Learning

The Need to Blend Character Education in Daily Classroom Learning

Character education in classroom learning

Martin Luther King Jr once said, “Intelligence plus character- that is the goal of true education” and true to every word in the quote, a child is expected to not just be well educated but mannered too; a dream of every parent to see their children grow up into educated and well-mannered individuals in the society. And that shows how necessary it is to introduce character education to children at school levels itself. Infact, education institutions have taken up the issue seriously and incorporating character education programs in regular teaching assignments.

So, does character education really play a good role in the academic life of a student? The answer is definitely, Yes! Character education focus on values like responsibility and the determination to perform a task. These values are surely the motivation required for students to do well in their studies. A better learning environment is created when students are helped with building up their character and they learn to communicate well with fellow students and teachers.

Character education, in addition, also develops the qualities of self-management, particularly when it comes to managing their feelings. This quality, as believed by many experts, help children to deal with learning activities, mainly when these children come from troubled home environments. Management of their own feeling will help them cope up with learning at schools and colleges, despite their troubled personal life. Besides, adoption of character education at school level has proven to show greater results when it comes to suspensions, disciplinary actions against students and attendance issues. It brings about a positive environment, thus a sharp change in increased attendance among students and an improved academic graph as well.

Young people, nowadays, are so exposed to things which are negative in nature all around them- disrespect, various character flaws, irresponsibility creeping through daily life. Top of that, parents too, have very less time to spend with their children due to different career engagements. Children have to know how to cope up with life, minus the influence of negativities and this is where character education fills the gap.

Character develops the destiny of a child; and not just the individual, but the whole society as a whole. As the famous Roman philosopher and orator, Cicero puts it, “Within the character of the citizen lies the welfare of the nation”. Hence, incorporating values in the youth will bring out responsible citizens of the society, of the country. To let children of today to become the standing members of the society tomorrow, they must know the values of life and what better way than character education in the class!

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