Create and publish feedback forms using Form Builder plugin

Create and publish feedback forms using Form Builder plugin



With Fedena 3.2, you can now enjoy a very new and exciting plugin called the Form Builder. One of the biggest advantage of this new plugin is that it helps you create feedback sessions in your institution. Create and publish feedback forms in few simple steps which are mentioned as you go through the article. Read on to find how you can create and publish feedback forms easily.

Create feedback forms as an admin or a privileged employee

When you login to your Fedena account, go to ‘Forms’ in ‘Collaboration’. From there, you need to go to ‘Create form templates’ where you need to create the new form template. 

form builder_1

Drag whatever fields you want in your form template from the left column to the right one as shown in the above screenshot with the arrow. ‘Save template’ if you want to use the same template again in future. Else, ‘Use’ button will help you to use the template for the particular feedback session you want. Don’t forget to give a name to the form at ‘Form name’.

You have to create the form, put in all necessary information and for which, you have to go to ‘Form templates’ and select the respective template.


form builder_3


Fill in all necessary information to complete creating the feedback form. Once you are done with creating the form, you can go to the next step.

form builder_2


Before publishing the form, you have to select whether its a feedback form and also the recipients from the particular department and batch. Also, you can select if the feedback is meant only for students or parents or both.

When a student login to take part in the feedback

The students who are assigned to take part in the feedback session, will get message. Once selected, it will help in viewing the message.

form builder_4


Click on the link to go to the form and fill it up.

form builder_5


Once the form is filled, click on the ‘Submit’ and it will go the admin.

Login as admin to see responses for the feedback session

The admin can see the responses by navigating through ‘Manage Forms’. Click on the particular form to go to the form submission page.

form builder_6


You can extract the responses as CSV file or go for ‘Analysis’ also. Thus, an easy and smart way to conduct a feedback session at your institution.


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