Smarter Ways to use Google Forms in Classroom

Google Forms in Classroom

Google Forms in ClassroomGoogle has successfully made its way to the classroom. It has come up with a lot of tools to accelerate growth in learning and offer better teaching experiences. In fact, Google has a whole lot of products to offer including the new Google Classroom which is a great option for a perfectly organized classroom. Google Docs and Google drive are other effective tools for creating and sharing, hence something to look out for in classroom teaching.

Today, we are going to talk about Google forms and how Google forms can be used in the classroom in the most effective ways.

Google forms is a very prominent feature of Google Drive and there are plenty of smarter ways teachers or educators can utilize them to make the most in classroom teaching.

  1. Google forms are ideal for conducting a survey in the class. Communicating with students on a regular basis is difficult without the use of a proper medium to do it. But the importance of this kind of surveys cannot be ignored too. It not only creates a good teacher-student communication but also motivates students to offer their meaningful feedback and hence, let the educators evaluate the ways to effective learning.
  2. What better ways can be to use google forms than a contact information collection form. Get your students to fill their details in the form that might be the crucial piece of information. A good way to know more about students and parents for future communication. This information is important particularly when you can save yourself from the tedious task of entering data. Everything can be done electronically, why the point of wasting time in doing the same manually again and again.
  3. Student assignments are easy to collect with the help of Google forms, particularly when students have to attempt exploratory questions. Everything can be kept in one place as you can easily store all information about classroom projects like web links to the blog post, video posts and others at one place. Managing projects is an easier task now.

Great help for assignments, keeping a track of grades and a feedback form, Google forms are perfect assistance to classroom teaching. There are a whole lot of other new ways that you can explore by yourself and employ in classroom teaching.

Check out the video showing some good ways to use Google form in the classroom.

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