New Updates in Online Exam Plugin with Fedena

New Updates in Online Exam Plugin with Fedena

Online Exam Plugin
The new version of Fedena has a lot to offer to its customers for better user experience. And some major changes and updates have been done to facilitate such experience, Today, in this article, we will focus on the changes and updates that have taken place in the Online exam plugin. Read on to find out the new updates.

Update 1: In the earlier version of Fedena, the online exam plugin allowed only exams which were general in nature and were mostly batch specific exam. That means, exams were only related to a particular batch and were not subject specific.

With the newer version of Fedena, exams can be created based on subjects as well. Hence, it becomes easy to create separate exams based on subjects.

In Online exam, when you select “New Exam”, under exam type you can choose “subject-specific” exam also select the particular batch to which you will be asked to select the subject as well as the students who are supposed to appear for the exam.

Note: When you select an elective subject, the students who have a particular elective subject will be able to appear for the exam.

Update 2: There has been a new update in the ‘Exam Format’. An earlier version of Fedena didn’t allow you to go for descriptive type questions. Only objective questions for an exam was allowed. But Fedena allows you to conduct exam with descriptive type question/answer pattern.

When you select the ‘Exam Format’ as ‘Hybrid’, it allows you to assign evaluator who will be checking the answers for the questions. Next, you will land up on “Create Question” page, where you can select the question format. As shown in the picture below.

Employees who are assigned as evaluators can see the link to the page for evaluation under ‘Academics’ when they login to their account.

This is how an evaluator marks an answer sheet of a student.

Update 3: When you select ‘Objective’ as ‘Exam Format’, the earlier version of Fedena offered a constant number of options for answers. Fedena now allows you a variable number of options as answers. That means you can have a different number of options as answers for different questions.

Add as many options you want as answers. Plus, you can remove any option if you want to.

Update 4: Students, in the earlier version of Fedena, were not allowed to see their marks of exams they have attended. Only admin could see the marks. But with Fedena 3.2, students can not only see their marks but check their answer sheet as well.

To get a complete hands-on experience try Fedena free demo trial today and also explore teh other useful features of Fedena.

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