Fedena 3.2 Brings you the Import Question Feature in Online Exam

Fedena 3.2 Brings you the Import Question Feature in Online Exam

Import Question Feature

In the last article, we have talked about the new updates and features in the Online Exam plugin with the newer version of Fedena 3.2. Today we take up a new feature in the Online Exam plugin which is called the Import Question. Read on the article to find out more about the Import Question feature.

Import Question Feature in Examination module

The basic point of the Import Question feature is that it allows you to import questions from any last exam of a particular batch. And it can be done both in terms of exams which are ‘General’ in nature as well as of those based on any particular subject.

1. To check out how the feature works for exams and questions which are ‘General’, login to your account and go to ‘Online Exam’ in ‘Examination’. Go to ‘View Online Exams’.

2. Go to ‘View Online Exams’ and select the batch for which you want to make the changes in the question paper and import questions.

3. Select the particular exam you want to modify.

4. The ‘Import Questions’ when selected will help you with importing questions from the previous exam.

5. Select the question you want to import from the panel on the left and as it shows up in the right, click on ‘Import’. But you have to fill in the marks for the question as well before you ‘Import’ the question. And you are done with importing questions for exams which are ‘General’ in nature.

6. In the case of exams which are subject based, questions will be subject specific only. To import questions for this kind of exams, you have to first select the particular exam for which you want to do the import question option.

As the screenshot shows, you have to select the ‘Course’, ‘subject code’ and then select the question you want to import. As mentioned earlier, you have to fill in ‘Marks’ allotted to the question before importing the question.

Any good or important question from the previous exam you want to be part of a current exam, you can now do it easily with Import question feature.

Please Note: If you are using Fedena demo account,  in “view online exams” first you have to create a “new” examination and then follow the same process, as mentioned above to import the question.

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