Anytime Anywhere Data: Key to Effective Institution Management

effective institution management


When we talk about effective institution management, we cannot deny the fact that the effectiveness that we talk about, focus on institutions of the 21st century. When education has moved beyond the peripheral of an actual classroom, how can management be limited to it. When teachers are not mere carriers of knowledge, but the right guidance to students in their quest for knowledge. When education has come out from the limitations of chalks and boards, books and pens and has moved into a virtual sphere connecting students and educators all over the world, management too, has to be at a level to match with the changing face of education and learning. And this kind of management should have systems in institutions that would facilitate better teacher-student coordination, more consistency in approach and action throughout the institution.

Effective management of the institution is crucial. Why? Well, think about a well connected and adequately communicated team of teaching and nonteaching personnel with defined roles and tasks. And administrators with access to data will have a proper control of the institution, with more transparency and accountability. Moreover, easy access to data can assist educators and administrators of institutions to study data from the past, analyze it and come up with solutions that would bring out wonderful results for institutes. Take an example, the study of data gathered from the past can help educators to analyze the use of various educational reforms in their institutions. Collecting and studying of student data can help teachers and professors keep a track of student performances, their weak areas of learning and finding out ways to rectify them.

With education going global, more and more online courses coming to use, connecting students and educators across the world, management of these virtual institutions require the availability of data anytime that can be accessed from anywhere. This kind of accessibility were things of impossibility till some years back. But no more. Data in any form can be accessed with just a minimal use of modern technology. A computer and internet connection and you have access to any data of your institution.

The concept of anytime anywhere data is easily possible with the implementation of ERP or education management in managing institutions effectively, with just a click of a mouse. ERP implementation or using education management software in institutions, customized according to individual needs, has benefits for all stakeholders students, parents, administrators and the management body also! The anytime anywhere data concept is easily viable to institutions powered by erp software solutions. Imagine, how beneficial it would be for administrators and members of managing body to get access to the institute irrespective of any kind of time and location constraints, thus a wonderful aid in times of emergency or urgent decision making. A one-click access to information related to employees, students, academic is what is required in this technologically modified world. Access to administrative operations and functions are reduced to single click login, thus an effective management of the institution is possible from anywhere, anytime.

But, when we talk about the accessibility of data in ERP, we should also keep in mind about the availability of data in ERP software; how can we make sure that data is available in the ERP software. Once data is available in the ERP, everything falls in place and the accessibility and analyzing of data is done with minimal effort. Here comes the focus of concern how is the data made available in the ERP; can there be a way to do it automatically? Like devices interconnected with each other would do auto data entry. Let’s put in the concept of the Internet of Things in this place. How can this concept be of any use in this scenario? Well, Internet of Things, as we all know is a concept that talks about a future where every physical object is expected to connect to the internet and will be identifying themselves with other devices. That means any object will be able to identify itself digitally, connected to the surrounding objects as well as database data. Think of a situation where computers will be collecting data without any human help and have all the necessary information required and it will be all about the accountability, your ability to keep track of everything.

If Internet of Things can be put to use in education, it can create wonder for institutions. Interconnected devices in an institution can do the data entry without any help from administrators or teachers. Educators or teachers can save loads of time from inputting data to ERP software manually, thus investing the time in what they can do or expected to do the best teaching. A very good example of how this kind of interconnected devices is a great boon to institution management is the Alndra Attendance management, an Artificial Intelligence enabled image processing technology to record attendance of classroom without any kind of manual interference. This kind of smart attendance requires just a mobile phone, with the app installed and take photos for attendance. Thus, a mobile phone connected with an education management software can create a lot of difference in your efforts towards effective institution management.

Fedena, the opensource software has been playing an active role in fulfilling the anytime anywhere data facilitator for thousands of institutions worldwide. A perfect school management software or an enterprise resource planning or a student information system, whatever you give it a role, it fits well. Anything related to education and management of educational institutions is carried out efficiently, by incorporating the power of the internet, computer and modern technologies.

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