Project Sampoorna: Case Study

Project Sampoorna: Case Study


Project Sampoorna is an implementation of Fedena by the Government of Kerala, in the state of Kerala, India, to automate the systems and processes of 7 million students in 15,000 schools with students ranging from Standard 1 to Standard 12.

Challenges Faced:

Efficient management of certain processes like generating and preparation of reports, creating promotion list, examination database, admission registers and a whole lot of other tasks required a comprehensive mechanism.

Solution by Foradian:

Fedena Enterprise Solution

The Result:

Fedena’s enterprise solution could give them the results to their problems. Fedena was customized based on their requirements that helped them with tracking and monitoring the activities of the students and also the school itself.

Project Sampoorna: 15000+ schools. 7 million+ students

A school management system project by the Education Department of Government of Kerala, in the state of Kerala, India, Sampoorna is implemented to automate the systems and processes of more than 15,000 schools in the state. Developed by IT @School Project, Sampoorna made the accessibility of more than 7 million students from Standard 1 to 12 easier to school authorities. The main objective of the project is to facilitate principals, headmasters and teachers to easily implement the software and monitor all the students and the school itself.

Problems Faced
1. Managing the vast array of processes and systems of the schools requires a comprehensive mechanism.
2. Customized ERP software solution based on requirements of the education system.
3. The systems and management involved to monitor students, teachers and the schools required automation for easy management and in less expense.
4. This kind of education format has multi-layer approval system and different hierarchical roles and hence, required role based dashboards for all, at each of the layers.

The solution: Fedena enterprise solution

Fedena’s enterprise solution offered easy implementation and monitoring of all the activities of students and the schools as well. Important processes like preparation of transfer certificate, generating reports related to students, teachers, parents and staff made easy, creating promotion lists, copying of admission register and a whole lot of other tasks are carried efficiently.
2. A customized version of the software was offered to help manage systems and processes unique to the education system.
3. Complete automation of the order has helped the customer save some 10 million dollars every year.
4. Fedena multi school and different layers of dashboard control mechanism was used to manage various role-based responsibilities in addition to the single school dashboard and control.

“Sampoorna has been visualized as a comprehensive mechanism to facilitate academic activities such as progress tracking and even determining the aptitude of a student right from when he/she is admitted to the 1st standard itself.” – K Anvar Sadath Executive Director, IT@School Project Kerala

Project Sampoorna infographic

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