Fedena 3.2 is Out and Running!

Fedena 3.2 is Out and Running!


Fedena 3.2 is now out and available. The new version brings you the best of features with increased usability and power packed updates. Read the release note to learn more about Fedena’s latest version. You can also write to us at info@fedena.com for your valuable feedback and insights. We would love to hear from you.

Core Features

Dependencies are shown while deleting a student
At present while deleting a student, only a warning is shown regarding the deletion of dependent records of the student. This feature enables the listing of all the existing dependencies, along with the warning. Dependencies include the following:

Fedena Core

  1. If the student has any finance related activity – finance fee or finance transaction record.
  2. If the student belongs to any graduated batch.
  3. If student attendances are already marked – subjectwise/dailywise.
  4. If student has appeared for exam, exam scores, cce_reports or assessment_scores are available.
  5. If student is assigned some elective subjects.

Fedena plugins

  1. If student is assigned with some assignments.
  2. If student has some blogs, blog comments or blog posts.
  3. If student is booked for some disciplinary action.
  4. If student belongs to a discussion group or has some groups, group files, group post and group post comment, etc.
  5. If student has some gallery items or activities.
  6. If student is allocated with hostel room or has active hostel fees.
  7. If student has renewed books or books are issued in his/her name.
  8. If student has appeared for online exam.
  9. If student has registered for any placement activity.
  10. If student has participated in poll.
  11. If student has some task assigned or task comments.
  12. If student is assigned to a vehicle or has transport fees.


Fig 1: Student profile page for Admin/privileged user

On clicking ‘Delete’ button, the user will be redirected to the following page.
The UI has been redesigned for the following page. The figure below shows new design.


Fig 2: Delete Student page

Click on Remove student record. If the dependencies exist, the following page will be shown which lists all the student dependencies.

Error.jpgFig 3: Dependencies which disallow deletion

Mark attendance for student without specifying the reason

As of now, while marking attendance for a batch in the attendance register, once we click on a marking cell, a modal box opens and asks for the details like reason and Forenoon/Afternoon (for Daily attendance mode). On submitting after entering the details correctly, the attendance is marked successfully. So, the entire attendance marking process for a student is completed in at least 2 steps. By adding the “Rapid Attendance Mode” feature, we provide the user an added option to complete the attendance marking process in a single step.

Rapid Attendance.png


Student’s Admission Number is displayed in Exam Marks Entry pages
As of now, in different marks entry pages in Fedena, a student is only identified by his/her name. Since there can be more than one student with the same name in the same batch, it will create inconvenience for the user to identify the student for whom the marks are being entered. Hence, we now show Admission Number along with the student’s name in each such page (including Coscholastic result entry, FA scores pages) 
Student’s Admission Number is displayed in Attendance Register
As of now, in the attendance register page in Fedena, a student is only identified by his/her name. Since there can be more than one student with the same name in the same batch, it will create inconvenience for the user to identify the student for whom the attendance is being marked. Hence, we now show the Admission Number (within brackets) along with the student’s name in the attendance register. 
Class timing intervals are of 1 minute duration to allow different class timings
Previously, class timings were set at 5 minute intervals. All schools may not follow 5 minute intervals and hence, we have reduced the interval duration to 1 minute. 
Classrooms allocation

This feature gives the provision to allocate classrooms for all students based on timetable entries. Classrooms could be allotted in different configured buildings.


Fig 1: Timetable page

Click on “Class Room Allocation” link to begin allocating classrooms to students.

2.pngFig 2: Classroom Allocation

Here, user could manage buildings and allocate classrooms.

3.pngFig 3: Manage Buildings

Here, buildings could be managed (added, removed, updated), number of rooms could be configured per building.

Add building.png
Fig 4: Add buildings & rooms


Here, add buildings and rooms for buildings.


Fig 5: Manage rooms

This page enables user to view all rooms per building, along with the capacity of each room. Rooms could also be managed (added, updated, removed).

Room details  2 .png

Fig 6: List room activities

Here, all activities for the selected room are listed. Activities could be weekly or yearly.


Fig 7: Add rooms to existing building


Fig 8: Allocate rooms (Date specific type)

Here, classrooms could be allocated on a weekly/date specific basis for the chosen batch of students per selected building.

Allocate weekly.png

Fig 9: Allocate rooms (Weekly type)


Fig 10: Employee & Student view


This page shows the activities for selected date for both employees and students.

7.pngFig 11: Employee activities


Addon Module Features

Provision to reuse previous exam questions in Online Exam
  • Added “Exam Type” to online exam viz. “General” and “Subject Specific”.
  • Added “Question Format” viz. “Objective” and “Hybrid” (both objective and descriptive).
  • Removed “Option Count” constraint from an online exam.
  • Added “Select Students” option for an online exam.
  • Provision to assign “Evaluator” for checking answers of descriptive questions in a Hybrid Exam.
  • Provision to import appropriate questions from previous online exams.
  • Added “Rearrange Questions” facility for changing order of questions in an online exam.

New online exam.png

Fig 1: Create Online Exam page

Here, we configure the properties of online exam like the duration, pass percentage, general/subject specific type, applicable batch(es), applicable students and objective/hybrid (mix of objective & descriptive) format.


Fig 2: Add Question page for ‘Subject specific’ online exam

Here, we add questions, add corresponding options and configure the answers for each question, which helps in the evaluation of answers provided by students.

Import questions.jpg

Fig 3: Import Questions page for ‘Subject specific’ exam

We have added the provision to import questions from previously created online exams for ease of use for selected course and batch. Marks for each question has to be entered during import.

View questions.jpgFig 4: Online Exam Details page

Here, the details of the online exam could be viewed. Questions, answers (indicated in bold), marks, duration are shown. Questions can be edited or deleted.


Fig 5: Rearrange Questions page

Questions can be rearranged either manually by drag and drop functionality or by selecting ‘Randomize’ checkbox, which randomly arranges the questions for different students.

Questions_Student view.jpg

Fig 6: Online Exam page for student

While student takes the online exam, the remaining time, maximum marks, marks for each question, provision to choose the answers, provision to navigate across pages (back and forth) are available.

Mark list.jpg

Fig 7: View Answersheet

This page is for viewing the student answers post evaluation of the online exam.


Fig 8: Select Student page for Evaluator

Select student based on the batch selected in order to choose to evaluate pending answer sheets.


Fig 9: Evaluate student answers

Here, the evaluator could award marks to the answers provided by students.

Attachments uploaded during Applicant Registration are shown in student’s profile

At present, the additional attachments uploaded during student registration are not saved when students are allotted for a course by applicant admin. This feature enables saving additional attachments while allotting the student for a course. For this, the privileged user has to enable the ‘Transfer attachments while allotting’ option while creating the registration for a course. While allotting students for that course, the attachments will be saved. The uploaded documents will be shown inside Student profile > More > Registration Docs. The users can view, download or delete the documents if required.

3.pngFig 1: Add Course page


Fig 2: View student profile

On clicking ‘Registration docs’ the user will be redirected to following page which list all the attachments uploaded during registration process.


Fig 3: View Registration Documents of student

Access to registration docs is for users with the following privileges:

  • Admin
  • Student View
  • Student control
  • Manage users
  • Student Admission

Language Updates

  • Changes being done for Hindi, Deutsch, Portuguese and Arabic
  • Added Russian language support

Important Bug Fixes


  • Wrong discount is shown in finance fees page
  • Zero entries are shown for income in “Compare Transactions report”
  • There is no validation when the same periods are specified for comparison while comparing financial transactions
  • Zero entries for income are shown in finance report
  • Indication of mandatory fields in donation page
  • Indication of mandatory fields in fee particular page
  • Show the fee collection name in alphabetical order in refund page
  • Show the Category Name in alphabetical order in reverted transactions page
  • List of batches not shown when an employee with “Finance control” privilege attempts to create fee particulars
  • “Refund” prefix should apply only for receipts of fee refunds
  • After changing active/ inactive batch selected fee collection is not changing in fee collection page
  • Fine selection is not refreshing after selecting “Select category”


  • Gender of archived male student is shown as ‘Female’
  • Change style of advance search result page
  • Change ‘Language’ to ‘Mother Tongue’ in student profile
  • Year is not shown in the previous details of student


  • Active additional details are not shown in archived employee profile
  • Style issue in the subject association page if the employee’s name is too large
  • If employee has “HR Basics” privilege then he can’t search employee (Advanced search)
  • If employee has only “Attendance register” privilege then no need to show Attendance Report link for that employee
  • Redirection issue in payslip page
  • Employee Departments are not listed in alphabetical order
  • Newly created leave type isn’t shown for employee in the dropdown
  • Error 500 is thrown in Employee Attendance Edit page
  • Error 500 is thrown while denying the approved leave


  • Overlap of Edit and Delete buttons in the student category create page in some languages
  • Change ‘Graduation’ to ‘Batch transfer’ in batch transfer page


  • Show the students list in alphabetical order in elective assign page
  • If no student is present in a batch then show a flash message in elective subject page
  • Students could be assigned to deleted elective subjects by directly going to the link
  • Inactive elective subjects are shown in My Subjects page

App Frame

  • Getting 500 error in app frame if we add question mark in URL link
  • No styles added for the user token page


  • Invalid Request error in student admission through API
  • Throwing 500 error in the employee API
  • Throwing 500 error in the student fee dues API for some students and due fees is not showing for other students
  • Throwing 500 error in student API


  • Font size for ‘Code’ column entries is more while viewing Store Categories
  • Irrelevant error message is displayed when ‘Other charges’ field is skipped while creating a GRN
  • Admin with employee record should be able to raise indents
  • Indent can be raised for ‘Zero’ quantity
  • Unit Price more than 100000 is not accepted while raising indents
  • Translation issue in store_items page
  • Batch number is not shown in the store items list page

Applicant Registration

  • Edit/delete option should not show in case of Applicant registration and Refund
  • Multiple applications are possible with same pin number


  • “availability” text is displayed in breadcrumb in Hostel Report page
  • Irrelevant error message is shown when ‘Students per room’ field is skipped while adding hostel room
  • Change the label in the hostel fee defaulters and fee pay page from ‘Select a class’ to ‘Select a batch’
  • If an error occurred while adding a warden then selected hostel name changes
  • “nil error” in the individual room details page while clicking the rooms from breadcrumb
  • “Hostel admin” privileged employee does not have the permission to download the csv report of the room list


  • Transport edit page does not show the selected route
  • Change the prompt name ‘Select class’ to ‘Select a batch’ in transport fee defaulters page
  • “Transport admin” privileged employee does not have the permission to download the csv report of vehicle details

Fee import

  • There’s no user feedback upon assignment of fee collection to student during fee import


  • Employee with ‘Examination’ privilege can’t generate pdf report of exam wise report
  • Employee with ‘Examination’ privilege can’t generate csv report of grouped exam report
  • Empty table is shown if no exam exists
  • Wrong calculation is shown in the exam report if we remove the assigned students from the elective subjects
  • Not possible to update the grade to nil, showing error message


  • Large images aren’t rendered in compressed form while adding/viewing news
  • Not possible to approve the deleted user’s comments


  • Unable to mark student as ‘Absent’ for previous month in daily attendance type
  • The Close button of attendance marking form is not working if the student name is too large
  • Subjects are not refreshing while selecting the ‘select a batch ‘ prompt in the student attendance report

Manage Course

  • Show flash message while assigning and removing tutor
  • If there are no active courses or batches then show message instead of showing blank page
  • Change the privilege name ‘Add New Batch’ to ‘Manage Course/Batch’
  • Values in ‘Subject’ dropdown aren’t shown according to the batch selected


  • Returned books aren’t shown in Library Movement Log
  • Performance issue in tag list
  • In student and employee profile for reserved book, due date is shown instead of reserved date


  • Calendar shows “January 2014” month by default while creating a placement announcement


  • Throwing 500 error while viewing the created assignment


  • User can send Email without subject and message
  • Emails sent in Arabic do not have the ‘powered by’ footer


  • Show the batch name in New/Edit timetable page if class timing set (containing class timings) is assigned


  • If the batch has no students then show a message in sms page
  • Change the flash message and its position in sms page


  • Permission issue for tutor, subject associated employee and employee having  “Student view” privilege

Custom import

  • Associated data is not shown for some models in custom import
  • Unchecking one associated data unchecks all the selected details in custom import library model


  • If an error occurs while uploading a photo in gallery, all the selected users get removed


  • An attempt to delete without selecting document files  throws “Translation Missing” popup
  • An attempt to delete document throws “Translation Missing” popup


Previous Release notes:
Fedena 3.1.1
Fedena 3.1
Fedena 3.0

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