Flexibility of Fedena Examination Module – Part 2

Fedena-Exam-Module-Part2In the last article, we dealt with the major building blocks which attribute to the Flexibility of the Examination module. As we progress into the second version of the article we will have a brief idea about the Implementation of  Examination module in real time. The additionally available grading systems: CCE, CWA & GPA helps to take the actual reports. Let’s go on a quick swivel of how these reports look like.


In strict adherence to the CCE grading system by CBSE, Fedena takes care of the creation of assessment via Subjective Assessment and Formative assessment for the overall evaluation of a student. One can create Term-wise Examinations and the respective Descriptive Indicators and Observation groups to get a full-fledged report of a student under the two major heads – Scholastic and Co-scholastic. The exhaustiveness of a report purely depends upon the parameters created by the user. After the required set of configurations are done, the exhaustive report can be generated.


CWA(Course weighted average) is one of the most widely used grading systems. Here the users have to assign credit hours to subjects. Then the marks scored by the student helps the system to calculate the final transcript by multiplying the score with the credit hours.


The only major difference between a GPA and CWA grading system is that the GPA uses grades instead of marks to calculate the final transcript. These grades can be created from the grading levels of  Exam settings which will be used along with the credit hours to give us a decent report.

Normal Grading System

As mentioned in the last article, the Normal grading system is the generic grading system to fit into any model of the grading system. We can even connect the exams by assigning a different weight to each examination being held during the academic year. So may it be a Monthly test or a Half-yearly, we can assign each exam a different weight to get a final transcript.

What serves as additional perks to the reports are the amazing features in the Exam settings like the Grading levels, Class designations, and Ranking levels.

While the grading levels helps you to make an ala carte grading set for each batch, the class designation can give the final one-word result for the student’s score like  First Class, Second Class, and Third Class or fail. Taking the evaluation to a whole new level the Ranking levels set up criteria to classify students by taking the marks scored in each of the subjects.

Being Equipped with a stock of all the above features, Fedena can help you to generate exhaustive reports of your choice, if the relevant features are used wisely.

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Sandeep Panda

An optimistic techie with special interests in implementing technology in real life situations with  a curiosity for the lesser known technical stuff. An individual who can adapt to cross-cultural environments with ease.

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2 Comments on “Flexibility of Fedena Examination Module – Part 2

  1. Hello Sandeep,
    i really need your help, i am currently using Fedena pro in a school here in Nigeria and after generating results we discovered that it only shows grades and not marks.

    we are using the GPA system and the school prefers to see the scores in each subject as well. how can we do this.

    please help

  2. Hello

    Thank you for contacting us.We would definitely help you to get you the required report. We are pleased to inform you that the mentioned scenario has already been anticipated in prior by the Engineering team and we have already made provisions for you to extract the mentioned Report. Please go to Home > Exam > Reports center > Subject-wise Report to access the Subject wise Report of each subject in the required batch from the admin/privileged user login. The same is also available in PDF as well as CSV format for future use. Please feel free to contact our Support team at support@fedena:disqus .com to help you in case of any such issues.

    Thank you

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