Custom Import Bulk Edit with Fedena 3.1

Custom Import Bulk Edit with Fedena 3.1


With the earlier version of Fedena, the user was not allowed to do editing in bulk and in case, anything required changes, it had to be done one by one. Suppose, if you needed to change the blood group for all the new admissions for a particular batch which you have already saved, you had to go through each and every data to make the necessary editing. But with Fedena 3.1, you are allowed Custom Import bulk editing which allows you to edit custom imports in bulk. Read this article and know how you can edit in bulk for custom imports.

1. Login to your account and go to ‘Custom Imports’ in ‘Data and Reports’ section in the menu links.

2. Selecting ‘New’ will take you to the ‘CSV Data Import’ page.

3. Give a new name to the CSV file and select the particular model you want to make the edit. Once you are done with saving, go back to ‘All Exports’ and select ‘Export CSV’ corresponding to the particular report.

4. ‘Export CSV’ will export the particular file for you to make the required editing. Once you are done with the editing, you can upload the file using the ‘Bulk edit’ option.

5. Select ‘Bulk edit’ and you can upload the edited CSV file.

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